Emergency Medical Services Jeep Toys

by Mike Albright

MBX trio JeepsThree Matchbox Jeeps ready to provide emergency medical assistance: the EMS XJ Cherokee (20K JPEG) from a 5-pack set, the M*A*S*H "Star Car" flatfender, and the National Ski Patrol Cherokee.

China Emergency JeepsThe Hong Kong/China diecasts often show up in police, fire or rescue versions. These examples are a CJ Ambulance, the Kidco M*A*S*H Hardtop Jeep, a Rescue Hardtop, and another CJ Ambulance variation.Note that the two left Jeeps have slatted grilles, and the two newer Jeeps on the right have the trademark-dodging cross-hatched grilles. (see Jeep Toys of the 1980's for more details.)

MAJ Ambulance JeepsThe standard Majorette 1:64 scale SJ casting was modified with an ambulance body which appeared with several different sets of graphics: red cross with red stripes, EMS star and blue stripes, or plain red cross.

The back doors open to show the patient on a strecher (see also Derek's photo of the interior (20K JPEG).

Tonka SJ A larger SJ ambulance, also with opening tailgate, is the pressed-steel Mini-Tonka "Rescue Vehicle". Bob Keniston's collection includes five different versions.

Brazil Ambulance XJ
The Glasslite XJ Cherokee "Ambulancia", about 5-1/2 inches (14 cm) long, is a plastic toy made in Brazil.

See a larger photo of the XJ (72K JPEG).

China Rescue jeep
This is the spring-driven Rescue Jeep that recently was listed in a survey by the Public Interest Research Group as a dangerous toy! Made in China, it's approximately 1/32 scale. The tires, which can crack and come off easily, are considered a choking hazard which requires a warning under the U.S. Child Safety Protection Act.

HO ZJ Rescue Jeep
The Herpa HO-scale ZJ Grand Cherokee was made in several colors, including this red "Ground Search and Rescue" version.

SOTW Ambulance Jeep
From 1/87 scale to 1/6 scale: this is the Ambulance version in the Soldiers Of The World (SOTW) series Jeeps. These plastic jeeps are approximately 21 inches long (54 cm), with excellent details.

This U.S. Army ambulance or "litter carrier" is one of perhaps 40 different paint versions of the '53 Willys truck made by SpecCast. See also the Jeep Parts Delivery version (30K JPEG) and the Toledo Fire Department version.

The Army did apparently convert some 1,000 civilian Willys station wagons as litter carriers about 1951 (see Willys Military Ambulances) and that experiment is perhaps the prototype for this model.

The civilian Willys ambulance or perhaps a version built by IKA in Argentina is the prototype for this 1/43 cast resin model, sold on eBay as handmade in Argentina. It's lettered for the Argerich Hospital in Buenos Aires (named for early Argentinian physician Cosme Argerich.)

Thanks to Mike Albright, Jarek Skonieczny and Bill Kelsey. -- Derek Redmond

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