1950 CJ-V35


The CJ-V35, or "Truck V35/U" as it was referred to by the U.S. Navy, was perhaps the ultimate U.S. Marine Corps Jeep. It could be driven underwater, and was apparently intended to carry forward observers to direct naval gunfire during amphibious landings. It was based on a request from the Navy and Marines, whereas the MC (M38) was from Army sources. Some parts developed for the V35 carried over into MC production. It was an adaptation of the CJ-3A, with 6-volt electrical system, plus 12-volt generator between the front seats to power a MX566A/MRC radio set carried in place of the rear seat. The gas tank and toolbox were modified to clear the generator. Other identifying details include the protruding sealed headlights, tow hooks on the front, bumperettes in the rear, and lifting rings front and rear. It had MB-style combat wheels, and a hood stamped with "Willys" but with the M38-style snorkel coutout. One thousand units were delivered by Willys between March and June 1950, just before the start of hostilities in Korea. As of late 2001, only 29 are known to survive. One of the few that have been restored is this one belonging to Doug Beckwith.

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