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Steve Yeomans

In summer 2022, Steve wrote from South Carolina, "We pulled this Jeep out of a forest 18 months ago. It had sat since 1986 along with a number of other vehicles in varying stages of decay. We cut down a few trees and dragged her onto a flatbed and back to Summerville (outside Charleston).

We did a full restoration, with new body but all other major parts original. Took her completely apart and sandblasted and epoxy primed the frame and wheel rims. Sent the engine which was frozen solid to the machine shop, and rebuilt it once it was back. Also rebuilt the T-90 transmission and installed new springs, shocks and brake parts. Installed all running gear and test drove her -- all good!"

"This picture shows her the day after we brought her home. The body was far too gone to repair, so we ordered a new one from Willys Overland in Toledo. We installed it after painting it in the original Fountain Green Metallic.

"We plan to use her around Summerville and in a year or so when we move to Hilton Head, run her around the island down there. She is signed up to appear at the Hilton Head Island Concourse in November."

Chris Edwards

Chris in Buckinghamshire UK wrote in late 2020, "I have acquired a CJ-3B which was imported from South Africa. It has a VIN of 57348 60024, and an engine number of 4J243751 which tie up with being manufactured in 1960 but looks as if it was first registered in South Africa in 1962. The interesting bit is, it is a R/H drive, like your post office units. What I can't find is the stamped VIN number on the chassis. So am assuming the data plate is correct. The chassis is a factory build unit; it has not been modified.

"I am running 900-16 heavy duty Firestone tyres, the old crossply type. They came with the Willys and are a bit cracked; I will need to change them at some time."

Tylor Fiskari

Tylor is in Parry Sound, Ontario and told me, "I've got a Willys Jeep that my grandfather was given. I'm not sure about the year. I know its a CJ-3B, and the ownership says 1960. Could you help me out? Here's a picture of the tag under the hood."

Well, the tag read 57348 60932, so yes, it's a 1960 model. Looking at the list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps reveals that it's one of a group of 3Bs that came to Canada, for assembly at the newly established Willys factory in Windsor ON.

Bob Miksch

Bob in Fairlawn, Ohio acquired this unbelievable original (4,000 miles) Jeep in 2017 from Louisville, Kentucky. Feast your eyes on more photos of this Mint 1960 CJ-3B.

Micky Fleming

Micky Fleming in British Columbia, Canada has one of the first CJ-3Bs built by Kaiser-Willys in Windsor, Canada, in December 1959. It was purchased new by her grandfather, Jake Reimer, for use on the family farm near Millarville, Alberta.

Micky shares some wonderful family photos from the early 1960s in Chasing the Bighorn Sheep.

Michel Staniforth

Michel wrote from Quebec in 2016: "My dad was a forest ranger, so Jeeps were always part of our lives, we played with Wajax fire pumps and PTO winches all the time. My dad bought a 1964 CJ-3B and gave it to me -- I restored the Jeep and used it for hunting. My wife Chantal used the Jeep as a second vehicle to go downtown in the 80's, but it was too damaged for restoration; the frame was worn off.

"Time has passed since and the new generation of truck with big tires arrived. The Jeep was dead, but I always loved those 3Bs. I built a CJ-5 Renegade but my real feeling was for the 3B, and around here they are getting rare.

"I finally found the 1960 CJ-3B for sale for $500. It has 15 thousand miles on it and works like a charm -- the Jeep was at a fishing camp and never did hard duties. I was really lucky to find this gem -- I used it this season for deer hunting and it works really well.

"I will never sell my Jeep; she is now a family member. My kids (70K JPEG) named her Paulette after their babysitter who passed away -- they will always remember her.

Jeeps are fun vehicles. In 2017 I added a Ramsay PTO winch and suspension upgrade (200K JPEG). I take the golden retriever for bird hunting with the Jeep. "

Michael Berthay

Michael Berthay in Mississippi wrote in 2014, "It is in relatively good shape, with most parts in place. The bumper was off when I got it. It has been sitting in storage for several years in Cleveland MS. I got it from a guy who bought it for scrap, and saved it from the salvage yard. My plans are to restore as much as I can."

It has some unusual features -- see more on this Mississippi Mystery.

Joshua Blankenship

Joshua wrote in 2016 to say, "I live in Tennessee, and I recently purchased a 1960 (as far as I can tell) CJ-3B with serial 63068 on the frame. I don't have a lot of background on it, other than a friend of mine bought it about 10-12 years ago from a man we went to church with, and he ended up moving out of state and giving it to his sister, who never had the time to work on it."

See also a detail shot of the Tuxedo Park Mark IV tag (130K JPEG) that somebody applied above the Willys logo on the hood!

Joshua says, "Here's the engine compartment after I pulled out all of the vines. The serial number plate is missing. I think that's the original green that was under it, rather than the black and darker green that has been sprayed on at some point. I did find the serial on the frame (50K JPEG) though, and it fits in the 1960 range."

"I have some pictures from where it sat and a few others after I brought it home and tried to clean out the leaves (180K JPEG).

See more photos in Diamonds in the Rough on CJ3B.info.

Maman Surachman

Maman writes from Jakarta, Indonesia, "I was born in a country village and it was around sugar plantations. The first vehicle I have seen was Jeep Willys. That why when I have grown up I have an obsession to have a Jeep Willys. But because of many other reasons, I just bought the Jeep in 2001. After I rebuilt it for almost a year, my Jeep is running well."

Bob Reeder

Hard to believe from this photo, but Bob lives in Texas. He says, "The Jeep was probably bought new around Conroe or Houston area. I bought it used in 1980 for $1500. The engine smokes and the clutch is oily but we get along fine. I rebuilt the brakes and changed some seals and also added a Sears top. It has a Koenig PTO winch which is real handy. I don't drive it on public roads, just on my own land so I don't register or insure it. It is a workhorse for fixing fence or gathering firewood, and a great relaxer just puttering along looking at the deer."

Doug Anderson

"Just picked up the proverbial barn find. Original owner bought it to plow his driveway. I picked it up for $3,000. It is 100% original except for the top, plow, and winch. The serial number is 57348 57547 which according to the data base was the last one off the line in 1959. The engine number is 4J236702. I am in Peninsula, Ohio which is about halfway between Cleveland and Akron."

See "Barn Finds" Are Out There: Mrs. Dettmer's Original 1960 3B for more photos and a letter from Willys Motors.

Philippe Gauthier

Philippe Gauthier of Quebec, Canada has added big tires and a suspension (70K JPEG) to match, to his 1960 Jeep.

Philippe sent photos of the aftermath of his day out enjoying the mud and the scenery with a group of Jeepin' friends (70K JPEGs).

Guy Baker

Guy in El Cajon, CA says, "This project started with a trip from San Diego to Chicago to purchase the Jeep. I flat towed it home (drive shafts removed) and slowly started to completely restore my second 3B. Body off (110K JPEG), sandblasted everything, was able to save the tub and windshield. Had the engine rebuilt. I tried to keep as many original parts as I could, as well as buy N.O.S. parts when avaiable. I repainted it the original color (Foam Green).

I did all the work myself except engine rebuild and exhaust. See the painted frame (100K JPEG). Many thanks to everyone on CJ3B.info -- it really was a lifesaver on this project."

Joe Zindle

Joe in Crest Hill, Illinois says, "My friend Eddie and I just got it running and this is the first time it's been driven in over 5 years. I filed and set the gap on the points, and set the timing. It's running better now, but I'm still going to have to adjust the valves a little bit. And check the dwell.

"This Jeep has a lot of parts that aren't original, such as CJ-5 gas tank, parking brake handle. The body steps are homemade (wood), and I have no idea what the heater is from. The firewall is all hacked up to accomodate it.

Joe and Tina have a CJ, ZJ, KJ and YJ. Family and friends (80K JPEG) like riding in the 3B.

"It's titled as a 1966 Willys, and I suspect that's because the (correct type) F-head motor is out of a CJ-5. With all the wonderful pictures and information available on your website, I'm almost 100% positive that this is a 1960 model: serial number plate matches number stamped on front right frame rail: 60680.

"A hole for heater/defroster in the original dash (70K JPEG), now covered by a plate. I still can't figure out why anyone would cut the dash all to heck, though. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own Jeeps.)

"Eddie and I were searching a junkyard, not knowing what we'd find, when we ran across an old Willys CJ-5 that had a little buried treasure hanging off the back end of the transfer case (80K JPEG). A trip back to Eddie's house for more tools, $60, and five minutes of wrenching later, I was the proud owner of a Koenig Iron Works front power takeoff for my Willys. Just need to find seals and bearings -- this might be hard."

See also a front view (80K JPEG) and rear view (80K JPEG) of the PTO, cleaned up on Joe's workbench.

Dave Proulx

Dave in Quebec says, "I am 17 years old. This winter, I bought my first jeep, a CJ-3B. It was not in good condition, but my father and I on it up to this summer. We restored the Jeep. We cleaned and repainted the parts and remade some pieces of the body from metal sheets. Some parts are new but originals, for example the turn signals, the boots of the shifters, etc. We put some aluminium wheels, Mickey Thompson 16"x12", and the tires are Goodyear Wrangler 33"x12.5". We also put some fenders on because the tires are outside the fenders, but they aren't in this picture. For next summer we want to lift the suspension."

Michael Davis

"I have owned this vehicle for almost 2 years and have been slowly finishing the restoration the PO had started but couldn't complete. I like to drive my 3B every chance I get, year round, and often spend the day exploring historic sites and doing some mild off-roading in the counties near my home in northwest New Jersey."

See more photos in This Willys is a Driver.

Fernando Henriques

"My father bought it in 1968 with very low mileage and I started driving it in 1970 (before I got my driver's license). In fact the Willys was my 'driving instructor.' The car was used only on weekends and holidays and it was kept in a country house we have in Tomar, Portugal, some 100 miles from Lisbon. Since my father passed away in 1993 the car has been in the garage. Last week I went there to take a look.

"The car was (slightly) repainted and got a new top and new seat covers some 17 years ago. It is full of dust but everything looks good. The car has 22,423 km (14,000 miles) -- real, I can assure. What struck me was the windshield glass, full of air bubbles inside (has to be replaced). See a photo of the glass and the sun visors (100K JPEG).

"This is a photo of me from back in 1971 (100K JPEG), doing what one should not do in a Jeep without a roll bar. And see the car in absolutely original condition in 1970 (110K JPEG), except for the STP decal...."

"I am planning to bring it to Lisbon so that it may have the attention it needs (and to keep company to the 1970 Porsche 911T I bought last year in the US, currently being totally dismantled).

Gary Cline

"The Jeep was purchased in 1971 from Sport Haven Marine (original owner) on Lake Simcoe, north of Barrie, Ontario by a friend of mine. At the time we drove it into Barrie and it has been parked in his garage. Two years ago he called and asked if I was interested and I purchased it. The only thing that has been done are new brake pads and carburetor rebuilt, and I sandblasted the top.

The mileage 07490 seen on the speedo is original. The bumpers added will be removed and put back to original."

See also a front view with the snowplow (50K JPEG) and a rear view (50K JPEG).

Luis Miguel

"My Willys is not 100% original. I modified the steering because the original steering was too hard, with Chevy hydraulic steering. Also I replaced the brake master cylinder with one from a Nissan Patrol, because it has two outputs -- if you lose one brake, you lose all with the original."

Luis lives in Venezuela -- see more details and photos of his Jeep for the Avila Mountains.

Rankine Roth

"I bought the Jeep in Paducah, KY, from a gentleman whose grandfather-in-law (if that is the correct term) bought it new (see the original title, 50K GIF) and used it on a farm in Texas, until it was given to him in the early 1990's. I bought it and brought it back to Murfreesboro, Tennessee (30 minutes southeast of Nashville). I completely stripped it down to the frame and am finishing a full frame off restoration. Everything on the Jeep is in excellent condition to restore except the tub."

See Blue Raider 1960 CJ-3B for more details and photos.

Patrick Watters

"Originally this was a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Jeep that my dad acquired 20 years ago for use as a 'wheelbarrow.' The previous owner used it as a beach buggy and apparently never rinsed it off, so the body is in sad shape and the suspension system is trashed. The frame and most of the mechanical features are not too bad considering the abuse it has endured. The photo shows the starting point where I am just beginning to remove parts and start the rebuild process. To date I have removed the back half of the body (it was rusted in two), rebuilt the t-case, and removed the transmission. Lots of work to do but it has been fun. The modified kid's swing set in the photo is my universal hoist that has worked wonderfully to help me remove the front ballast weight, t-case, and transmission. I expect to use it for the other heavy lifting I know I will encounter."

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