1954 CJ-3B with Koenig Winch

by Robert L. Smith, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

1954 CJ-3B Side ViewThe body is in rather rough shape -- a lot of Bondo has been applied over the years. The reinforcements (L-channel) have all rotted away. The bottom of the toolbox is gone. All of this points to tub removal and major surgery this summer, and if enough money is at hand the engine will be rebuilt. The frame and running gear however are in excellent shape, as are the hood, grille, and windscreen frame. The only thing that I curse daily is the carb -- at present it is a rebuilt Carter YF (Tomko).
1954 CJ-3B InteriorThe green paint that I have on it now has been applied to stabilize the metal and will come off and an original color scheme restored. I can't be certain of the original color. The seats are green and the windscreen frame was black. Appropriate business graphics had been applied.

1954 CJ-3B GrilleAs far as I can determine the vehicle was purchased by the Ivy Esso station (in Charlottesville) in 1954, and was obviously used to plow snow and tow cars out of ditches.

Koenig WinchThere is a Koenig winch on the front. The winch is missing a few pieces, but I have a parts list and hope to bring it back to life one way or another.

I have replaced the steering wheel, gas tank, fuel pump, voltage regulator, and the wiring and turn signals. I am going to do a complete rebuild of the brakes soon. Most of these parts were purchased from Beachwood Canvas Works. The VR and a few other odds and ends were purchased from Specialty Parts in Belmont CA (south of San Francisco, near Stanford), a really good source of parts.

Kaiser TailgateThe tailgate is in good shape, but is a later Kaiser-era tailgate, with "Jeep" rather than "Willys" stamped in the center. The Jeep is complete with the hard-to-find rear seat.

See also a nice big photo showing the Jeep with the windshield up (60KJPEG).

Thanks to Bob for the story and photos. Bob sold this Jeep to Ed Meiners in Ohio (60K JPEG) who has restored the Koenig winch. -- Derek Redmond

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