Boyer CJ-2A Fire Engine
in Brazil


Front As mentioned on the Boyer Jeep Fire Engine Production List page, the late Rodger Birchfield found information indicating that 20 fire Jeeps built by Boyer Fire Apparatus of Logansport, Indiana in 1947 were sold by Willys-Overland Export Corp. to the Brazilian military.

Note the hood insignia of the Southern Cross constellation, also seen on the Brazilian flag.

left One of them, still operational, was photographed in 1992 by Paulo Marcio at the Brazilian Army Regional Maintenance Facility's Fire Brigade in Santa Maria, in southern Brazil.

Pump rightThis good set of detail photos was originally published on Miniatures Brasil, a military modelling website in Brazil, and photographer Marcio suggested modelling this Jeep using Italeri's 1/24 Willys MB as a basis (see Willys MB Fire Jeep Toys on CJ3B.info).

RearAlthough apparently not in service in 1992, much of the original equipment was still in place. See also these photos (60K JPEGs):


Thanks to Sergio Luis dos Santos who spotted Paulo Marcio's photos. -- Derek Redmond

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