On the Trail with Joel Haslett


Doug WilsonJoel Haslett has been out on a few trail rides this summer with the Western Maine Mountain Jeepers, and he and his wife have been trying to keep the camera handy. This photo shows Doug Wilson's CJ-3B once again in a tricky position at a water obstacle. Joel says, "I thought this picture looked like the first picture of Doug on the Hurricane on the Trails page. This was on the June 'Invitational Ride'."

On the roadThis photo from the shotgun seat on the road to the trail, shows the rear view of Doug's 3B with the distinctive cooler mounted high and dry on the roll bar. The trail is in the Bethel, Maine area. According to Joel, "The Western Maine Mountain Jeepers are cautious about making our trails known to the public because the trails are 100% on private land that we have worked hard on, to maintain a good relationship with land owners. But we do welcome people to join us on a monthly trail ride with the club."

Abe HaslettThe red 1957 CJ-5 on the June trip belongs to Joel's son Abe Haslett, now a regular on club rides. Joel comments, "This trail was used on last year's Jeep Jamboree as a 'Modified Jeep' trail ('possible body damage'). We didn't really notice any new dents on our Jeep!"

Spence BBBOn the Mountain Jeepers' annual Mid-Coast Run in early August there were a lot of old Willys Jeeps, but again only one CJ-3B.

"I was hoping to get a good shot of Jon Spence's beautifully restored 3B in action, so I took this one while driving. I hope you can read Jon's license plate (BBB)."

Camp Willys"This is where we camped for the weekend, at the home of Dave Aho who hosted the Mid-Coast Run. We could smell those old Willys pickups from our tent -- is that cool or what?"

Baby on board"Baby on Board" -- that's not a spare tire hanging off the back of Joel's new 2A/3A Willys project!

Thanks to Joel Haslett for the photos. See more of his trip photos at JeepMaine.com. -- Derek Redmond

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