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LWB Jeeps in Spain

Jeep Avia Bravo L

Jeep Avia

According to the history we pieced together of Jeeps in Spain, the name "Avia" replaced "EBRO" as the brand name for the Spanish-built Jeeps around 1980. The CJ-3B and its long-wheelbase version, powered by the Perkins diesel, retained the model names "Bravo" and "Bravo L".

RearThis Avia BravoL was spotted in 1999 at Puerto Banyuls, near Marbella on the sunny southern coast of Spain, by Jean-Louis Martin. (Ron Christian photographed the young lady.)

Jean-Louis mentions that the Avia looks like it could have originally been a copy of the French Hotchkiss HWL, produced from 1963-66 (see Jeeps in France). Both Jeeps had 100-inch wheelbases.


FrontThis Jeep carries an "Avia" tag on the front, and "BravoL" tags on the hood (see a closer view of the grille and hood, 50K JPEG.)

A 1979 Jeep Avia brochure shows the "JEEP" name stamped on the sides of the hood.

Jeep EBRO BravoL

HardtopFor those who would rather have some shade, this safari-style hardtop provides protection from the sun.

This BravoL, owned by a contractor in Tarragona, Spain was photographed by Jean-Francois Lavie who comments, "In Spain they are still just workhorses and do not have the mythic status yet." This Jeep has a "Jeep EBRO" tag on the front, so it pre-dates the adoption of the Avia name. A closer view of the hood (50K JPEG) shows the BravoL tag and the mounting bracket for a rear-view mirror.

InteriorA look at the interior reveals distinctive features like the glovebox, two instrument clusters, and suspended pedals.

A closer view of the right rear corner (50K JPEG) shows the taillights mounted on brackets, the bumperettes, and the sockets for the softtop bows.


VIASA CJ6 rearPrior to the takeover of Jeep production in Spain by EBRO in the 1970's, short and long-wheelbase versions of the high-hood flatfender, known as the CJ3 and CJ6, were produced by VIASA.

The 1973 CJ6 seen here was for sale online in 2015 at Retrolegends in the Netherlands, and Car and Classic in the UK.

VIASA CJ6 frontThis Jeep also came from Tarragona originally. It's still very original, with the exception of a new softtop and new front seat.

VIASA CJ6 interiorThe VIASA has a single instrument cluster, and a flat steering wheel rather than the conical wheel of the later Bravos. See also the Perkins diesel engine (80K JPEG) and the underside (80K JPEG).

Thanks to Jean-Louis and Jean-Francois, Ron Christian, and Craig Brockhaus for spotting the VIASA Jeep in the Netherlands. -- Derek Redmond

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