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Jason Windemuller

Jason wrote from Zeeland, Michigan in April 2023: "Her name is Ol Blu. She is all stock except I have lockers front and back. Sat for 12 years -- I put on a new carb and gas tank and she fired right up.

"Took the roll bar off -- I think it looks way better. Very easy to put back in for some hardcore wheeling. When I go wheeling (130K JPEG) I put it in -- only 16 bolts, 10 minutes and it's back in."

Angel Alvarado

Angel wrote form Puerto Rico in January 2023, "One of my uncles bought the Jeep brand new around April 1964. Since one of his daughters needed a vehicle for college, my uncle sold the Jeep to my dad around 1970. Dad has been the owner ever since and the 3B has been used heavily ever since. It's still used daily as his work vehicle."

Alexandre Lamothe

Alexandre is in Montreal, and in late 2021 he sent a photo of this Jeep with an interesting homemade, extended body, which he plans to replace. He says, "It's a project for me and my dad -- he did his driver's license in one with the Canadian military. The idea here being to bring the machine back to its former glory. We plan on doing mechanical work on it first."

Graham McNeill

Graham says, "Purchased at a Toys for Tots fundraising event in Arlington Heights, Illinois from a winner of the raffle for this vehicle and a brand new Jeep Gladiator. I had seen this Jeep and decided I just had to have it. It was in sad shape but it was a dually, and it had an extended exhaust pipe with flapper valve which was just way too cool to not have."

Chuck Watford

Chuck is in Springville, Alabama and in late 2016 he found a very original 1964 CJ-3B. He said, "I have been servicing everything -- it does not appear to have been serviced in many years. Had fuel pump rebuilt at Then And Now, and carb rebuilt by Jim Wallace in Pensacola. I replaced brakes, wheel cylinders, drums and rubber brake lines all around. Replaced all the bearings in the front knuckles, rebuilt the rear axle."

As of 2021 he has repainted it in the original Spruce Tip Green, and that red Alabama "CJ3B" plate looks very nice against it -- see a front view (480K JPEG).

Chuck says, "It is in near perfect condition. It has 57K miles which appear to be original. I was told that I am the 3rd owner; 2nd owner didn't drive it but kept it under a tarp in his shop.

No Willys stampings on the hood or radiator guard of this Kaiser-era 3B. A photo of Hurricane engine 4J360452 (280K JPEG) also shows the Jeep's serial number 117993 and the paint and trim codes 225 and 201.

Clay Hollister

Clay Hollister wrote in late 2020, "I'm in Michigan. This is my '64, serial number 8105 121014. It's pretty much all original except for the tires. I bought it a few years ago. It'll be my 9 year old son's at some point. And of course the girls will also get a flatfender with any luck! The 3A is a friend's -- we were up north for the weekend. I do own a '48 pickup though, and a couple Bantam trailers!

"I've replaced the fuel pump, master cylinder, and put Power King tires on it. Took off a snow plow it came with. It's got a soft top too but I try and go topless and windshield down as much as I can!

"I went to Jeepfest in Toledo in the summer of 2019 with Andy Campbell who owns the 2A and Michael Campbell who owns the 3A, and we were asked to have them inside the exhibit hall. It was pretty cool! I've been hooked on Jeeps because of my Dad, who passed away in 2003, so I've been trying to get the kids into them as much as I can."

Nicolas Fouquet

"My CJ-3B is located in France. My father bought it in the 80s. It was coming from the Swiss army, which seems logical now when I see on your Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps list that close numbers are in that country.

"It has always been working perfectly, it taught me basic car mechanics, I learnt driving on it, we have always used it in the woods as a full 4WD. Now my kids love it too!"

Gary Moly

Gary wrote in early 2019 from Culloden, Georgia: "I just bought a CJ-3B. The seller told me it was built in 1954 but there is a data plate on the dashboard (230K JPEG) that states this Jeep was issued to the US Army in 1964."

Sure enough it's one of the 1964 Army Jeeps, complete with at least part of its original hardtop. The serial number is 8105 124846, very close to another 1964 U.S. Army CJ-3B on CJ3B.info.

Whoever picked up the Jeep as Army surplus apparently put it to work, with a rear PTO and a towbar hanging off the back (400K JPEG) to support some machinery. See also an interior photo (290K JPEG) showing the PTO lever still in place, and the manifold for the defroster.

As of 2021, the Jeep has been sold to Joe Evans.

Darrel Miller Jr.

Darrel in Comstock Park, Michigan, sent this photo of the CJ-3B he found in his Grandpa's barn. He says, "Originally owned by the City of Grand Rapids MI, then was used to plow snow in trailer parks in and around Grand Rapids. Then purchased by my grandfather for plowing snow at his home in Rodney MI. The top is all plywood with suicide doors."

He also sent a photo of the Jeep on the trailer (180K JPEG), getting its "first taste of sunlight in 15+ years."

Darrell's 3B serial number is 8105 122807, which is from the middle of the 1964 model year, and is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it comes right after a big gap of 600 vehicles missing from my list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps, which suggests this Jeep narrowly missed being exported somewhere far, far away. And the number is double stamped -- first 6 and then 7 as the final digit.

It also looks like this may be another example of original yellow paint. The Paint and Trim tag (70K JPEG) shows Paint Code 999, indicating "special paint" (see Willys Paint Samples 1959-65 on CJ3B.info.) This may explain Arena Yellow showing up on some CJ-3Bs in years when it was not listed as a standard color.

Duane Brown

Duane is in Georgia, and bought this almost-stock '64 in 2016. It's an interesting Jeep with all the comfort features in the interior (270K JPEG): fresh air heater, defroster and dual vacuum windshield wipers. See also Duane's engine (270K JPEG) which was nice and clean when he bought the Jeep.

And on the dashboard is an interesting little plate (250K JPEG) reading: "This car made especially for Dick McCarty." Possibly installed by the dealer who sold the Jeep when it was new?

And here's another serial number tag with an error. There must have been somebody careless working on the line in December 1963 when this Jeep and 122807 (above) were built. The first number after the 8105 prefix was apparently originally stamped as "B", then changed to a "1". You could understand somebody grabbing the wrong number punch, but a letter B? Back in 1954-55 there were a number of Jeeps exported to Brazil with a B suffix after the serial number, but there were very few of those export letters added after 1958 (see the list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps on CJ3B.info.)

The paint code 229 under the serial number tag indicates the original color was Amber Poly.

Michael Eoff

Michael wrote in summer 2017, "Just purchased a 1964 CJ-3B, VIN 57348 117164. Located in College Station, Texas."

The first thing Michael did was take off a hardtop (200K JPEG) which looked like it came off a CJ-7. Maybe he should have waited, as Hurricane Harvey struck Texas soon after, in September 2017!

Federico Cavedo

Federico in Argentina bought his M606 in 2014. He wrote, "The serial number is 8105-130129 (100K JPEG). The first owner bought the Jeep in a 1993 auction. I'm the third owner and I bought the Jeep in Villa Gesell, about 380km south of Buenos Aires. It had WWII markings (260K JPEG). I want to put Argentinian Army markings on it, but first I have to replace the IKA tailgate (130K JPEG)."

This is the Museo Histórico del Ejército Argentino in Ciudadela. Like the M606 Jeep, the Grumman OV-1 Mohawk in the background dates from the 1960s. It saw service with the Argentinian Army after being retired by the U.S. Army.

"After purchasing the Jeep I proceeded to remove the roof bows and roll bar (100K JPEG) as I was traveling by train (120K JPEG) from Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires, which demanded a height of no more than 1.56 m."

Federico calls his Jeep "La Bobby" and has since removed the U.S. markings. In early 2016 he was back along the Atlantic coast south of Buenos Aires for a visit to Faro Querandi National Park (80K JPEG).

Jim Chapman

"I bought the CJ-3B from a cousin who has a ranch a few miles from mine near Hondo, Texas, running but just barely (260K JPEG). As far as I can tell, this was an Air Force Jeep turned ranch hand. Currently I'm running a Kubota diesel but I'm keeping the original safe and sound for future rebuild and restoration. The Kubota is working well, but from what I've learned this jeep might be a good candidate for a restore. I have two M38A1s. If I decided to restore the 3B, the diesel would go to one of them. I have the original engine for the 3B in storage.

"The govt. info plate on the dash has a delivery date of 3-64. There are two big Air Force bases in San Antonio. I gather that there were very few CJ-3Bs used by the military, but perhaps this Jeep was government surplus from one of these bases. The old faded paint looked like it was once Air Force blue and there were several reflector stickers on the hood. When I started this project, the front differential was 4:27 and the rear was an older full free floating 5:38. Today they are both 4:27. I've been on this project for a couple of years and this 3B and I are in for the long haul."

Barry Ogletree

Barry is in Texas, but bought this restored '64 (serial number 8105 126423) from Boston, to use as the basis for a 40-inch stretch project, with dual rear wheels.

See Fred the Stretched 3B for the build story in two parts.

Also on CJ3B.info, see Fred in Ladies Love Duallies, at some 2016 Car Shows, and at the Fourth of July 2017.

Rasmus Stetter

"I have a Kaiser Willys CJ-3B Jeep, 8105-128253, engine number 4J442098. Originally from the military in Switzerland, now I own it in Denmark."

Tom Milliken

"I purchased this Jeep in 2015. It is now in Ferriday, Louisiana, but it was to the best of my knowledge a decommissioned National Guard Jeep from Alabama, and all the hood numbers had been buffed off in the same place that Dan Walton's numbers are on his restored Jeep. It has the same contract # and fed stock # as does Dan's, but my engine number is MD83359 which I have been told was built for the M606. We are waiting for the original Koenig Model 320 top to be finished and then Beechwood Canvas will make drop curtains for the doors and back hatch and it will be done. We are going with a more functional than original restoration but keeping the military character. This pic was taken yesterday of my wife Jeannie driving the jeep."

Dan Walton

Dan is in West Virginia, and for his restoration of this Army Jeep he has researched the original features including ventilating windshield, defroster and heater with fresh air intake, hand-operated windshield washer pump, metal hardtop and large rear-view mirrors.

See U.S. Army 1M 0599 for more details and photos from Dan.

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