Willys Alberto Sevillano

Part 2: Alberto arrives in the big city


¡Hola!   My name is Willys Alberto Sevillano. I was born in Toledo in Los Estados Unidos in 1954, and lived for 55 years in Sevilla in the Zona Cafetera ("Coffee Zone") of Colombia (see a map, 370K JPEG).

In Part 1 of my story, my new driver Hairy came to Sevilla and I said goodbye to Don Alberto. Then Hairy bought me a new suit of clothes, and we drove to Bogotá.

What awaits me in Bogotá? In the beautiful neighborhood of La Candelaria we find Hairy's old friend Denis.

In the Siete de Agosto neighborhood, a man fixes my loose battery terminal which was causing trouble for Hairy.

The girls make me happy. Mona and Ewa are having fun as we visit the Reservoir Tominé north of Bogotá.

Here I am helping to promote tourism to the Zona Cafetera. But I'm feeling too old for doing the pique like this little Willys on my nose.

Maybe it's time for a thorough repair of the old engine which has been pulling me for 55 years.

The old 0.40 pistons were dancing, so I am getting new 0.60 pistons.

While I am in the shop, Hairy and Ewa visit some of my Willys brothers at an exhibición de autos clásicos.

This Willys engallado ("cocky") has many decorations -- maybe too many for me.

Ewa finds a Jeep plate which I need. The gold lettering is not original but I am very happy with it.

I think I could do a photo like this for a calendar. Maybe I should do some casting.

This military green Jeep with orange wheels is an interesting combination!

But I am keeping the orange where it belongs, on the oil filter. Now my engine is like new.

We visit the beautiful Reservoir Neusa but it is raining so we will have to return another day.

Time for a bath -- but I can't get used to the cold water here in Bogotá.

With a good polishing and some daisies on the front, I'm the perfect car for a wedding. Hairy thinks it will not rain, so he delivers me with the top off.

Renée and Lizardo are lovely, and I am also dressed up -- but no tin cans.

Willys Alberto helps to put Renée in the heart of Lizardo.

And Ewa says with the roof put away you can tan for free!

I get along well with Chimini the cat, and I am happy to have my original seats. In the Coffee Zone they often put a wide rear seat in the front which I don't like, but it carries more passengers -- good if a girl is in the middle.

Today I find myself in the main banner of Colombia Tourism on the world wide web! I think Hairy and I will have many more adventures!

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Thanks to Willys Alberto for his story; Mario and Ewa for the photos from 2009; Lizardo for the drawing; and Google for the base of the map. -- Derek Redmond

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Nearby in Girardot, Colombia lives Alberto's brother who was right behind him on the assembly line in Toledo.

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