Tri-ang Jeep Ready for Action


FrontPaul and Kathy Short in Newfoundland, Canada, have done a beautiful restoration of a Tri-ang pedal jeep, and customized it with markings for a Canadian Forces medical unit.

Paul writes, "Back in 1985 I restored two M38A1 Jeeps. One I planted a GM V-6 in, and other than the engine modification the rest of the Jeep was all original. At that time my oldest son Dennis was 4 years old and he loved to go driving around in the Jeep with me.

"Well eventually we sold both of the Jeeps and life went on. Dennis grew up and became a medic with 1 Canadian Field Hospital in Petawawa, Ontario, and loves his work. I wanted to do something he could keep for years to come. I found an old Triang pedal Jeep and restored it for him."

Before"A friend of mine in New Brunswick acquired the little jeep a few years ago and him being a pedal car collector he really liked his jeep but so did I and after three years of bugging him he traded the jeep with me for another pedal car I had."

Rear"It's rare to find the little jerry can (30K JPEG) with these jeeps! The jerry can was really rusty so I split it down the middle (60K JPEG) and did the body work from the inside and rewelded it."

PrimingPaul has a very well equipped garage (50K JPEG). He says, "My wife and I own and operate our automotive business Specialty Repairs here in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, and when we're not repairing vehicles I fabricate and restore all kinds of stuff including Coca Cola and gasoline memorabilia."

After doing the primer coat (50K JPEG) outdoors, Paul sprayed the base and clear coats in his garage (30K JPEG).

leftHe did a two-tone paint job on the wheels and airbrushed the lights on front and back. Graphics include the red cross, Canadian flag and licence plate, and unit insignia. The jeep is also inscribed with Dennis' name and the medic's motto "Militi Succurrimus" ("Hasten to aid the soldier.")

See also a right side photo (100K JPEG).

TopThe top view shows the camouflage material used to cover the seat cushions, and Dennis Short's photo taken on graduation from basic training, in the center of the steering wheel.

Paul says, "I wanted to do the jeep for my son, and since then there's been an outpouring of interest in the project. Our Canadian military don't get a lot of attention these days but believe me when I say that we have some of the best trained men and women in the world ready to defend us, and by doing this jeep I hope it brings some recognition to them as well."

The project has been the subject of articles in several newspapers, including one in the Pembroke Daily Observer.

Dennis"Recently both my sons returned home for a short vacation with us and this picture shows Dennis (white shirt) seeing the jeep in person for the first time, with his little brother Daniel looking on. Daniel is stationed on the HMCS Halifax and we will be doing a Murray pedal boat project soon for him that will go with the jeep."

That project is now complete; see the boat and trailer behind the Jeep (120K JPEG).

Thanks to Paul and Kathy for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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