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StructoAmong toddler-sized riding toy Jeeps with basic push-it-along propulsion, the best known is this Structo steel toy, dwarfed by a Hamilton "Fire Patrol" pedal car. The Structo is only 25-1/2 inches (62cm) long, compared to 40 inches or more for true pedal Jeeps. Thanks to Jacy Marquette for this photo from the 2012 Great Willys Picnic, of the "Doodle Bug" version which represents an airport "Follow Me" Jeep (see a top view, 170K JPEG.)

StructoStructo Manufacturing in Freeport, Illinois sold the Jeep in a surprising variety of paint schemes. Kiddies small enough to ride this toy probably wouldn't have appreciated the differences, but the variety makes things interesting for collectors today. In red, there was a tow truck as well as a fire truck (see Pedal-Drive Fire Jeeps.)

Structo The addition of a windshield turned the Structo into a pretty decent representation of a civilian flatfender, but the blue one was given a "USAF" decal on the hood, probably inspired by the successful Hamilton Air Force Jeep. Thanks to Tom Traylor for the photo.

Structo The most elaborate version of the Structo was the U.S. Army Jeep with hood-mounted missile launcher, which is hard to find intact today.

Other Toys

Andy Gard

This plastic riding toy (left) was made by Andy Gard, who also made small battery-operated Jeep toys.

J-F Lavie photographed Phil riding this more recent plastic toy (right) in France.

CardboardBut here's a great idea, and one that anybody could make -- a cardboard Jeep marketed by the General Box Company of Des Plaines, Illinois, also photographed by Gary Keating. The date of manufacture is unknown. See also a rear view photo (20K JPEG).

South AfricaBarry Pfister in South Africa designed and built this plywood pull-along toy for his son to ride in. As he found out, it's more exercise for Dad than it is for the kids.

Plywood Jeep I built this flat-fender for my daughter, based on mail-order plans from U-Bild. It's basically a pull-toy, although it has an open bottom designed for foot propulsion à la Fred Flintstone. It's a bit heavy to self-propel, but if you're willing to push or pull the kids, it's a nice old-fashioned toy.

See U-Bild Wooden Riding Toy Jeep for plans and photos of more examples.

Thanks to all the contributors. -- Derek Redmond

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