"The Craftsman"

1958 Plans for a Riding Toy Jeep


This project appeared in the column titled "The Craftsman" by M.C. Aderson in Popular Mechanics, March, 1958. As the illustration suggests, this is a push toy rather than a pedal car.

The complete text (330K JPEG) of this article begins, "As ruggedly designed as its namesake, this sidewalk Jeep will last through many a campaign of rough play," and solid construction is definitely the strong point of this project.

Drawings"Some welding is required on the front and rear axle assemblies. If you do not have welding facilities, a local welding shop should do the job for a moderate cost after you have cut and fitted the components. The rear axle is a modified 'trailing link' design, Figs. 2 and 3, with the radius rods welded solidly to the axle. The coil springs used on both the front and rear suspension are auto-engine valve springs."

See a large copy of Figures 2, 3 and 4 (400K JPEG).

See also Figure 1, the underside view of the front axle and steering (170K JPEG).

Thanks to Dave Ketterman for scanning the article. -- Derek Redmond

See also a set of Pedal Jeep Plans from Popular Science.

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