"A Jeep For Your Young GI"


Finished projectThis article from the December 1945 issue of Popular Science magazine includes basic plans for not just one, but two different pedal-powered toy jeeps. The one seen in the photograph on the right, and featured in the first two pages of the article, was designed by Herbert R. Pfister. It has a wood body, with a pivoting windshield (which appears to be smaller than correct scale) and simple but functional propulsion and steering systems. Click the pages to see larger copies.

The last three pages of the article show plans and photos of a slightly more ambitious design, with a metal body on a hardwood chassis. It has working headlights, an adjustable seat, and a more sophisticated steering system.


Thanks to Keith Hepper and Federico Cavedo for scans of the article. -- Derek Redmond

See also A Jeep For Junior from Popular Homecraft, 1945.

Len Dunn ran across a wooden Jeep project called Children's Cars Part Two (40K JPEG). Anybody know the source of this one?

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