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UnmodifiedJeep modeling is alive! Here are some of the entries in a 2006 Jeep modelling contest in Spain for fans of the Madelman action figure series (100K JPEG). All entries were based on the military Jeep (left) originally sold by Madelman in Spain in the 1970's and reissued in 1999 by the toy firm Ideas de Juguete.

This photo shows the Normandy invasion markings created by Ideas de Juguete for the D-Day anniversary. See also the classic military version (100K JPEG) as created by Madelman with "Panther Division" hood marking. The toy is 1/11 scale, a little larger than a Tonka.

Get ready for some imaginative revisions of the Jeep, seen below:

Modeler Hazeleyes describes his entry as the "Jeep Aventura: new and innovative design for living the most fantastic adventures through our small friends."

"And in addition to the new features, the Madelmaniac engineer has designed this vehicle so that the changes are totally removable, so that in case of nostalgia, it is possible to enjoy all the splendor and Madelman spirit of the original Jeep."

See also a rear view photo (70K JPEG) showing the interior of the "Jeep Aventura."

The "Jeep Anfibio" is a very original idea, but of course based on a very real part of Jeep history. Modeler Prviron caught the flavor of the amphibious Ford GPA of World War II, but apologized for not having the time to be as accurate or as detailed as he would have liked.

Of course my favorite is a fire Jeep with lots of added components. See more photos and comments from modeler Rivaletto in Willys Fire Engine Modeled With Madelman on CJ3B.info.

The World War II medic's jeep with stretcher racks, by Carlos de Merida, didn't involve radical modifications to the Madelman original, but features a lot of small details and a nice job of weathering for a realistic appearance.

On the less realistic side is the "SWAT Unit Jeep" by Luis, a mini-paddy wagon with a small holding cell in the rear. Luis has more photos on the web, as well as a step-by-step look at the conversion project.

More Entries

Kelly's Heroes
"Kelly's Heroes" by Mondoyeye
Jinete"Night Rider", by Tecleador
Israeli M151-A2 by Indialdaia
"Ike's Jeep" by Ampa
American Girl
"American Girl" by Joyisa
Special Air Services by Raming


Thanks to all the modelers, and to Julio Robles of Madelman House. -- Derek Redmond

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