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Mike Boyink of Holland, Michigan, took some photos of his collection back in 2000-2001.

Mike's collectionThis photo shows Mike's small to medium size Jeep toy collection as of early 2000. He says, "One note is that I try to avoid collecting simple paint variations of toys - so with a few exceptions, everything in this shot is a unique toy."

Eldon Poweride"Thought you might like to see this. This Eldon Poweride is my toy from when I was about 4-5 years old, so it's around 26-27 years old. The round spot on the hood used to have a sticker that said 'Jungle Jeep'. According to my mom it was bought from Meijers, a local grocery and one-stop-shopping kind of place.

"Any idea of value? I have not seen one of these (or anything like it in a different body style) at any toy show. Kind of the precursor to the PowerWheels Jeep, yet I think it was too small. By the time a kid is old enough to control something like this they'd be a little big for it."
MUTT pencil sharpener"This is actually a pencil sharpener that was sold through the Ben Franklin (craft products) stores. I haven't seen any other toys or models of the M151 MUTT. "
Willys truck"Here's a Marx Willys truck I picked up at a toy show. It has the metal wheels, and was originally a wrecker but is missing the crane in the bed (good thing, or I probably couldn't have afforded it...). I jumped on it because I don't see many trucks or wagons at the toy shows."
Willys panel delivery"This Liberty Classics Willys sedan delivery is the same basic toy as the Toledo Fire Department version (see Toy Jeep Fire Trucks) -- just painted up like a Jeep dealer parts vehicle."
Zylmex tiny Jeep"I have a couple in this size range -- this one is cool because of the trailer. The manufacturer is 'Zylmex' -- it's labeled as a 'Jeep Car T432 China'. There's a US quarter in the shot for scale comparison."
Tin police Jeep "At the last toy show I was at, I decided to focus more on the Japanese tinplate toys -- there's a great variety and a lot in the affordable range. They do have a quality to them, don't they? :)" See also a larger tinplate Jeep (20K JPEG).

Mike's "POLICE" Jeep pictured here has lithograped decoration very different from the army version of the same toy on the Japanese Tinplate page.

Thanks to Mike for the photos of his collection. See another interesting tinplate Jeep from his collection on the Tinplate Lithography page. -- Derek Redmond

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