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Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth: the original Carter Carburetor specs, service procedures, and technical bulletins, covering their temperamental YF carburetor. Karl Russell collected these documents, which represent an invaluable source of information for anyone trying to get the best performance from their YF (original equipment on the CJ-3B Universal Jeep.)

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Flooding on Steep Slopes

CJ-3B YF carb

Willys Service Bulletin 53-36, November 1953:
Carbureter, Carter 938S

Page 1 (190K JPEG) describes a steep grade carburetor field kit.

Page 2 (120K JPEG) is the diagram (left).

Specs and Adjustments

CJ-3B YF carb

Carter Carburetor Corporation Form 4939, March 1953:
Model CJ-3B YF Down-Draft Carbureter No. 938S

Page 1 -- specifications and adjustments for the CJ-3B carb.

Page 2 -- parts list for the CJ-3B carb.

Form 4939X, Revised September 1961:
Models CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, FC-150 YF Down-Draft Carbureter

Page 1 -- later edition of specs and adjustments; no illustrations.

Page 2 -- later edition of parts list, including kit to improve steep angle idle.

Adjustment details and illustrations for the YF carb used on Willys trucks and wagons (also useful for the CJ-3B)

Page 2 -- float adjustment and metering rod adjustment.

Page 3 -- accelerating pump and fast idle adjustment.

Disassembly and Reassembly

YF service

Carter Carburetor Corporation Form 3526, December 1949:
Service Procedure, YF Downdraft Carbureter

Page 1 -- disassembly up to removing metering rod jet.

Page 2 -- disassembly completed; grouping of parts for reassembly.

Page 3 -- reassembly up to installing diaphragm housing.

Page 4 -- reassembly completed.

Service Bulletins

YF Bulletin

Carter Carburetor Corporation General Bulletins

Bulletin No. 3-Willys, May 4, 1951: Acceleration Pump Changes

Bulletin No. 6-Willys, December 8, 1952: Stumble or Flat Spot in Model 473-475 Engines:

Page 1 -- engine tune-up

Page 2 -- checking carburetor

Bulletin No. 454-General, April 7, 1953: Pump Discharge Check Valve (find out where to hit your carb!)

Bulletin No. 456-General, May 8, 1953: YF Carburetor Diaphragm (don't let it dry out)

Thanks to Karl Russell for the Carter documentation, and Bob Westerman for the Willys Service Bulletin. -- Derek Redmond

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