Harley With a Snowplow

by Jim Boswell

In October 2009 Jim sent these photos and wrote:

OK, the third Jeep I have bought this week, and I may have another, a '42 GPW tomorrow. So I got a call today, a woman says she has a 1953 plow Jeep she wants to get rid of. She said her deceased father, a mechanic, owned it for more than 40 years and used it to plow his business, etc. When I hear plow Jeep, I'm thinking piece of rusty crap that's been worked to death, etc. I have a driveway that's 1/3 of a mile long and I will need a plow this winter, so I went to take a look.

FrontMan, was I shocked; a completely original (except orange paint) 1953 CJ-3B, 6 volt, uncut, runs great, has brakes, chains on all four studded tires. Under a layer of dust (130K JPEG) was a really nice Jeep, and after a long heart-to-heart talk, it's now mine for very little money!

Jeeps15" stock wheels, no rust to speak of, super straight. Everything works great -- brakes, heater, etc. -- but there is a weird knocking on the engine, seems to come and go so I'm thinking someone dropped a bolt or something into the carb and it is knocking on top of a piston. I will know for sure when I pull the head in a few days, but overall it is in excellent condition.

RearIt has nice original seats (120K JPEG) and a snap-in carpet kit (130K JPEG). Some one had obviously loved it for many, many years. I couldn't tell you the last time I bought a flatfender with a full-on complete snap-in carpet kit -- very cool!

See also a closer view of the dash (140K JPEG).

Left sideBy the way, check out the clear lucite hood blocks; I have never seen that particular custom add-on before!

It is a super-clean, original high hood, but actually I'm thinking about redoing the orange and black paint it has now. I like it -- sort of "Harley Davidson-ish". Needs some aggressive new snow tires, but otherwise is in tip top shape.

DrivewayIn December, Jim sent this update:

Here's my driveway a few days ago. I have the engine out of the Jeep right now; turns out the knock was a worn crank bearing and a bad rod (piston was tapping the bottom of the head), which is a shame as otherwise it ran great. I hope to go to Phoenix later this week to pick up a complete engine from a friend, and have the 3B back online to plow my long driveway by New Years.

Thanks to Jim Boswell for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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