Junior Jacks Up His Jeep

CJ-3B Modified in Brazil



Shortly after buying this Jeep in 1999, Ivo Bittencourt Jr. in Brazil transformed the former military Jeep (left) into a trail machine (center), and during 2007 he took his initial modifications even further, giving the Jeep a monster lift and tires to match (right).

Junior has the Jeep registered as '54 Willys, but it appears likely that it actually originated as a Kaiser M606 sold to the Brazilian military in the mid-1960s.

Junior"My name is Junior, I'm from the city of Brusque in Santa Catarina state in Brazil.) I always visit CJ3B.info -- I have one CJ-5 1955 and one CJ-3B 1954. I have had my CJ-3B since 1999, and I rebuilt the Jeep starting in February of 2007 and finishing in October."

Dash"These are the Jeep's modifications:


Rear"Last weekend I took my Jeep for the first ride, and I'm really happy with the result. I need to modify some things, but most important is that the Jeep has already been for a ride."

VW engine"I have a VW AP 1.8 engine (this engine is used a lot in Jeeps in Brazil.)

See also a front view of the Volkswagen engine (130K JPEG) and a front view of the Jeep (170K JPEG).

Left side

Thanks to Ivo Bittencourt Jr. for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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