Win a Willys Jeep from Post Cereals


Roy Rogers Family Contest

This ad was published in the June 1, 1954 issue of Look magazine, and capitalizes on the popularity of the Roy Rogers TV show, which aired between 1951 and 1957. With Roy Rogers announcing 16 Willys Jeeps as first prizes, I can hardly keep myself from thinking about how I would finish the sentence "My family's favorite Post cereal is ________ because ________." See also a full-size version of the ad (240K JPEG), where much of the small text is readable.

Thanks to Steve Chabot for the ad from his collection of Jeep literature. (Steve also mentions that his copy of this issue of Look magazine was originally sold to Joe Gee in Carrollton, Mississippi.)

Folding cardA TV commercial promoting the "Family Contest" features a spokesman standing in front of a big cutout display of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and their dog Bullet in a CJ-3B. He says, "Just think what a picnic your family could have, with a Willys Jeep!"

Folding cardHere's another item from Post cereals. Card number 4 in a series of 36 fold-out Roy Rogers cards found in cereal boxes, depicts Roy's pal Pat Brady and his Jeep "Nelly Bell." Neither the text on the card nor the illustration (apparently an MB) is particularly well-researched. See The Original Nellybelle for details on the TV series and the Jeep.

Back of card

Thanks to Gary Keating for scanning the card. -- Derek Redmond

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