Holy Toledo! Calendar for 2019


Front cover Holy Toledo! 2019 is still available for online orders. If you had the 2018 calendar on your wall, you know how entertaining it was all year, including the story of John Ittel's CJ-5 Jeep-A-Trench for October, and the FC-150 Canfield wrecker for November.

The 2019 edition does not include as much of that kind of special equipment, although January does feature J.B. Stolzfus' CJ-5 diesel wrecker, which also appears on the cover.

But this latest edition does have some other treats, especially for flatfender fans. Most of the Willys flatties from the MB to the CJ-3B are represented. There is also a Ford GPW in Navy Shore Patrol livery, and the photos of that one and of Dean Lachasse's Navy DJ-3A (90K JPEG) are probably the most stunning in the calendar this year.

Back cover Norris-Banonis, also publishers of The Dispatcher magazine, have filled the margins of the calendar with details, extra photos and clippings related to all the Jeeps. But if you have enjoyed the bonus 2-page historical essays included in the back of the calendar in past years, my best advice is to subscribe to The Dispatcher, where you will regularly find that kind of article; there is no bonus essay in the calendar this year.

1963 CJ-3B The CJ-3B is represented by a great profile shot of Gerald Oswald's '63. His Jeep has been featured here at CJ3B.info more than once in the past -- see for example the Caravan to Cuyahoga in 2013, and a trail ride at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in 2016.

For me, other standouts during the year are Tremaine Cooper's CJ-2 AgriJeep in May, a 1942 Canadian Army slat-grille MB for Canada Day in July, Lindsay Clarke's Cerulean Blue DJ-3A Surrey for August, and an FC-150 minibus from Sweden (nicknamed "Marilyn" for its curves) in December.

All in all, I guarantee that Holy Toledo! will provide you with a great Christmas afternoon of reading, and then a full year of enjoyable moments as it hangs on your wall. -- Derek Redmond

Holy Toledo! can be ordered online at dispatchermagazine.com, and the price is $14.99 each, plus $6 shipping in the U.S. ($13 overseas.)

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