AMC Jeep Model Identification Poster


This is a 1974 edition of the poster found for years on the wall in many garages and parts departments, and which has helped many CJ-3B owners determine exactly what it was that they owned. It includes 39 models, compared to 27 on the earlier Kaiser version of the poster, and is still a useful guide to 70's SJ Wagoneers and Gladiators. An '88 XJ owner tells us that "the poster was available until 1988 and included pics of the '84 Cherokee, Cherokee Chief, and Comanche." The version seen here was apparently licensed by AMC to Acme Truck Parts.

To read the text, click on the image for the large copy (750K JPEG).

Acme poster

See also a version printed by AMC a few years later, photographed by Bob Keniston. -- Derek Redmond

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