Warren Township Brush 47


leftThe Warren Township, Ohio Fire Department has a 1962 CJ-3B in each of its three fire stations, to respond to brush and grass fires. Brush 47, seen here, has 4,246 miles on the odometer.

Although the Jeep is in beautiful condition, it works hard when it's needed. Photographer Bob Christy says, "Note the dent to the bottom front corner of the hood. One of the firemen said they just run over anything they encounter in the woods."

Dash The interior view indicates that aside from the installation of the 2-way radio, the Jeep is pretty close to stock. These pictures will be of interest to anyone trying to restore early-60's-vintage seats.

Bob says, "The PTO lever can be seen at the corner of the passenger seat. The lever is bent down like a few others I've seen. The PTO is a dual output, single lever."

WinchThe 8,000 lb. PTO winch was nicely installed. Note the chrome bumper which has been cut and welded back together.

See also a close view of the hood (60K JPEG) showing the detailing including handles replacing the original hood blocks.

rightAn unusual modification is the location of the spare tire, apparently moved forward to improve access to the two-cycle gas-powered pump in the rear, which supplies the two booster reels. The pump and reels ride on top of a water tank, and fire brooms and a step and handrail have also been mounted at the rear.

The mini light bar on top of the windshield is the latest improvement in making the Jeep visible, supplementing the flashers on the front fenders and the siren light mounted in the popular but undoubtedly awkward position on the hood. Seems surprising that sirens were seldom put on the fenders of fire Jeeps -- or am I missing something?

Thanks to Bob Christy for finding and photographing this great little Jeep. -- Derek Redmond

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