1950s Jeep Fire Engine Specifications


CJ-5CJ-3BBelow is the most detailed list I've seen so far, of the standard and optional equipment included with the Jeep CJ-3B, CJ-5 and 6-226 factory fire engines. This four-page document was issued by Kaiser-Willys Canada in January 1955.

1955 Specs
Kaiser-Willys Canada, Sales Bulletin Number 55-6:

Page one -- price schedule for dealers, including suggested retail of $6336.76 for a CJ-3B Fire Engine.

Page two -- accessories and special equipment installed at additional charge.

Page three (left) -- standard equipment included in basic vehicle price.

Page four -- standard equipment on the 6-226 continued.

Thanks to Gary Dreyer, who located this document.

There is a summary of dimensions and equipment for the CJ-5 Fire Engine and Commando Fire Engine, on the Specifications page (110K JPEG) of the Willys booklet Jeep family of 4-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Public Service, which dates from the late 1950s. Specs for ambulance and standard versions of the vehicles are also included. Although the Jeep Fire Engine pictured in that booklet is a CJ-3B, the 81" wheelbase listed in the specs indicates that they are for the CJ-5 version.

6-226 Fire Truck Specs

1955 SpecsA brochure (Willys Form W-240-5) on the Fire Equipment Literature page includes Specifications and Basic Fire-Fighting Equipment (270K JPEG) for the factory fire truck.

CJ-3A Factory Specs

These pages of specifications and equipment come from the advertising booklet Willys-Overland Export Corporation Special Vehicles:

Howe Fire Apparatus CJ-3A

The description below of a CJ-3A-based fire engine built by Howe Fire Apparatus in Anderson, Indiana, is taken from a dealer's 1951 handwritten copy of a Howe specs sheet:

Price: US$3,597.00 (compares to $1588.88 for a standard Willys CJ-3A with canvas top and three seats.)

Jeep Fire Tank Trailer: $670.00."

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