Howe CJ-2A and Trailer


PTO driven pumpThe front-mounted, PTO-driven pump, is a central feature of most Jeep fire engines, since the rear bed is usually taken up with hose and/or water storage.

This pump, a bit neglected but still impressive, is on a CJ-2A converted by the Howe Fire Apparatus Company of Anderson, Indiana, and photographed by David Hatch in northern Michigan.

A hand throttle control projects through a hole in the grille, just above the right headlight.

CJ-2A in northern MichiganThe overhead rack carries intake hose for the pump, and originally also carried a ladder. The hood-mounted siren might be awkward when opening the hood or lowering the windshield, but this arrangement seems to be more common on Jeep fire conversions than a more vulnerable fender mount.

CJ-2A in northern MichiganThe water trailer was originally connected directly to the front pump full-time, by a hose beside the hitch. The booster hose reel on the trailer, and the additional hose and equipment storage on the Jeep, make this a fully-equipped first-response fire engine.

See also a closer view of the hosebed (60K JPEG)

Interior The spartan interior is basically stock, but includes a small Howe data plate on the dash (30K JPEG).

The photo location is on the south shore of Lake Superior, at the northern tip of the Keweenah Penninsula. The Jeep was formerly in service in Gay, Michigan.

Thanks to Dave for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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