Rescuing a Jeep
Part 2: Lifting the Tub


Note: Dan Bever of Darlington, Indiana began this CJ-3B restoration project, but sold his 3B's to concentrate on his World War II Willys MB. Dan's comments:

"The right rear lug studs had all been broken off, so I wasreplacing them. I was trying to pull the hub off of the axle shaft usinga hub puller and was not successful. The hub just started to bend underthe pressure. If I can pull the whole shaft out then I may have to takethe shaft into a shop to have the hub pressed off. The brake drum wasmissing so I was able to replace the broken wheel studs for now with outremoving the hub. The whole purpose for doing this right now is to putfour wheels on so I can position the jeep under a beam in my barn. Ithen can lift the tub off the frame using a chain and come-along."

"I removed the tub from the frame and was able to check out theframe and running gear more closely. Everything appeared to be in prettygood condition as far as rust, and nothing major broken. The front axleis a Dana 25 unit. I removed the oil pan and found the inside of theengine appeared to have been recently rebuilt. Very clean and no brokenrods or pistons."

"Will start getting the frame ready forsandblasting next. I was quite pleased with the condition of the frame, and found it to be solid and so far straight. I am not surewhat caused the demise of the jeep as it appears that everything was inworking order, i.e. engine and drive train."

Thanks to Dan for the photos. This was one of the first projects documented on CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

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