Rescuing a Jeep
Part 3: Two More Jeeps


Note: Dan Bever of Darlington, Indiana began this CJ-3B restoration project, but sold his 3B's to concentrate on his World War II Willys MB. Dan's comments:

"Went to Alexandria yesterday and picked up both of the CJ-3Bs. Ithought I would have to make two trips but it turned out that the brown3B had a tow bar on it. So I was able to bring both back at the sametime which saved alot of time and gas. My car hauler ('71 Chevy) likes todrink the gas. Plus it is about a one hour 45 minute trip, two hours ifyou take kids, which I did. They have to stop about every 20 miles.Anyhow, got everything loaded and had an uneventful trip back. The brownJeep towed very nicely."

"The red '53 is the most original. Serial number 453 GB2 31566,engine number 4J 34067. It has a Bestop top which is in sad condition.Also a set of Sears brand locking hubs. The oil pan is lying in the backseat area so I don't know what that means yet as far as the engine isconcerned. At least it's more complete than the engine in the blue one.The tub at this point appears in a very rusty condition, however theframe appeared to be solid."

"The other 3B turned out to be a 1953 model also. The data plate onthe firewall was there and I was able to make out the serial number 453GB2 21967. The original F-head had been swapped for a Ford 4 cylinder.This Jeep has Warn locking hubs just like the blue 3B. Fortunately thetub appears not to be in as bad as condition as the red one. This one Imay try to get into running condition while I work on the blue one. Thered one may supply the parts to the blue project."

"I bought this complete F-head from Bob Estep for $150.00. It looksto be in pretty good shape. May try to run it as is first, and if itwill run I may put it in the blue Jeep for now. It has everythingexecept the air cleaner. He said that it came out of a 1962 CJ-5. He hasa 1965 CJ-5 and a 1948 jeepster -- the jeepster is in a good unrestoredcondition. If I had the money I woudn't mind buying it. I also boughtfour wheels/tires for $10.00 so I can put them on the blue jeep and moveit around. "

Thanks to Dan for the photos. This was one of the first projects documented on CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

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