Annual Jeep Meet in the Swiss Alps


Two 3B'sSeptember falls in betweeen the peak summer golf season and the winter ski season in the hugely popular resort area of Crans-Montana in southwestern Switzerland.

Since 1997, a group of Jeep owners have chosen September for an annual get-together known as Jeep-Heep-Heep. It attracts Jeeps from German-speaking and French-speaking areas of Switzerland, as well as France, Italy and Germany. Lots of good-looking CJ-3Bs are always in attendance; check out the grille treatments on the two examples in this photo of the balance competition.

Parking lot
Close to 200 vehicles including Willys MB's, Grand Cherokees and almost everything in between, showed up for the 2004 event. Not as many Willys pickups and wagons as you would find in North America, but check out the yellow wrecker in the larger copy (110K JPEG) of this photo of the show-and-shine in the Crans-Cry d'Er parking lot.


As well as the beauty contest, there are plenty of opportunities to test your driving skill.

It's definitely a family activity (see the large copy of the photo, 100K JPEG.)

Europe has plenty of MB's and 3B's, but fewer of the other flatfenders in between.

The competitions are challenging, but slow, safe and friendly.

The Swiss Army bought hundreds of Willys CJ-3Bs, and many of the surplus Swiss Army Jeeps have been sold in good condition. Add a few Hotchkiss Jeeps from France, or Spanish VIASA 3B's from Italy, and you get a larger group of high hoods together than would ever likely happen in North America. Here are some of the examples from Jeep-Heep-Heep 2004. If you recognize any of the owners, let us know.

The next edition of Jeep-Heep-Heep is scheduled for the weekend of 24 September 2005 in Crans-Montana. For everybody west of the Atlantic, we hope to get some photos. Many of the same Jeeps you see here will probably be back, plus some new ones.

When these guys arrived in 2003, they were obviously remembering the year before.

In 2002 they burned more petrol over this rise than most entries.

Check out the dual-bulb parking lamps which meet requirements of some countries without cutting extra holes.

The boys were smart enough to wait for their Coronas until after their turn on the teeter-totter.

Thanks to the photographers who took the photos on this page, of the action over the last few years. There are lots more on the Jeep-Heep-Heep website if you want to check out some of the other models in attendance. -- Derek Redmond

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