Spring Willys Reunion 2019


Poster The 27th Annual Willys Jeep Reunion was held 17-18 May 2019 in Aurora, Ohio, at the Bertram Inn, a very welcoming facility which was also the site of the 2018 Reunion.

The featured vehicle this year was the 1963-1991 Jeep Wagoneer, and at the Saturday night banquet, the guest speaker was Jeff Nelson, creator and curator of the "When Wagoneers Roamed the Earth" display that garnered so much attention at the 2018 Toledo JeepFest.

There was also a caravan of Jeeps to enjoy the scenery around Aurora and a picnic on Friday evening, and on Saturday a lunch stand set up in the vehicle display area.

For this year's tech presentation, well known Willys Jeep collector and restoration expert Joe DeYoung demonstrated the rebuilding of a Borg-Warner T-90A transmission under the big tent.

William Barrow At dawn on 15 May, William Barrow began his annual migration to the Spring Reunion from Pensacola, Florida, in his 1954 CJ-3B pulling the Bantam trailer.

2019 CJ-3Bs Four high hoods were in attendance this year. Bob Miksch's Mint 1960 CJ-3B (left) made its Reunion debut, joining William's '54 and two other veterans of the Reunion: Emmett Lodge's 1988 Mitsubishi J53, and Bob Christy's '53. Thanks to Emmett for taking this photo.

Bob Westerman's X98 replica was also on hand. Rus Curtis was hoping to have his Jeep ready this year, but it didn't quite happen.

2019 Group photo Thanks to Jeff Petrowich for the group photo from his drone. I can see William Barrow on the right side, in front of Bob Miksch's red 3B. And Bob himself in a matching red shirt, with Debbie in a Willys hoodie, near the left side.

William Barrow We got a message from William on his way back to Florida: "I noticed a bit of noise coming from the engine. It wasn't getting worse, but daylight was fading, with 8 hours of driving to go. I decided to U-Haul it the rest of the way and avoid major failure on the road.

"The clerk at the U-Haul office was a huge help. She rounded up friends to help get the trailer into the truck!"

Later William updated us: "Looks like it was simply spark knock (pre-ignition). I found a broken spring on the advance in the distributor."

See also photos from previous Spring Willys Reunions on CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

For more on past and future events, see the Willys Reunion website.

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