High Hood Beauty

1958 CJ-3B, Jon Paulsen, Lafayette, Indiana, USA


Front and Rear

1958 Willys CJ-3B with Buick 231 V6

"When I put 11-inch brake drums on the Jeep, I could only afford to do one axle. I still have the small drums on the rear, and it works fine. Before, I could never get the front ones to lock on road, even with good pads and fully adjusted. Now sometimes the front locks first and sometimes the rear -- they seem well balanced."

Front crossmember"The custom front cross member is made out of thick-walled square tubing. This is a good modification for anyone who lifts a flat-fender, and steering response is noticeably improved. It lowers the steering bell crank several inches to compensate for lift. The bell crank assembly is bolted to the square tubing with grade 8 bolts."
Buick V6"The cross member is welded to 1/4 inch plates (maybe 2 X 8 inches) that are bolted to the frame, so it's removable for engine access and removal. (Good for beeg dummies like me who like to blow up engines.)"

See also a high angle photo of the engine (20k JPEG).

"There are some hints of green paint (4K JPEG), under the red, under the orange on my Jeep. I believe it's the original paint."
Former CJ3B Page cover photo
"The Jeep does not look nearly as good in person as in the pictures (our little secret), but I look much better in person."

See also a photo of the interior (40K JPEG).

Thanks to Jon for the photos. Note: as of July 2003, he has sold this Jeep. -- Derek Redmond

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