Christmas Tradition


Part of the Wade Family Tradition in Alabama is decorating Lawrence's 1955 CJ-3B for the annual Christmas Parade.

For 2015, Lawrence was on the same wavelength as Macy's in New York, with the "Charlie Brown's Christmas" theme.

Snoopy's Christmas lights are important, because the Wades are in the parade in Decatur on Monday night, as well as Priceville on Saturday morning.

Every year the decorations go on in the garage. New in 2014 was the custom-made Santa spare, and garlands strung along all of the top bows to make a canopy.

Saturday, 6 December 2014 is the Priceville Annual Christmas Parade. It's chilly and overcast, but no rain (or snow) and the crowds have turned out to wait for Santa to throw candy from Fire Truck No.1 at the end of the parade.

In the old days Lawrence would take the Jeep and the girl who would later become his wife, out to the woods to find a Christmas tree. Nowadays they stay on the pavement.

The onlookers enjoy the old-fashioned Christmas scene in the back of the old-fashioned SUV.

The colors were Christmasy but the temperature was a lot warmer back on Memorial Day at the car show.

July 4
The Jeep was also decked out for the Fourth of July. Lawrence likes all kinds of parades.

The Decatur Christmas Parade has been the evening of the first Monday in December for many years.

A nighttime parade never fails to remind you of the magic of Christmas.

For 2007 the Wades had a fireside scene in the back of the Jeep.

Where's the grin? Lawrence in his "Christmas: Grin and Bear It" shirt.

Thanks to Lawrence for the photos. See more on the Wades' Family Tradition. -- Derek Redmond

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