Los Teques to La Guaira:
Offroad in Venezuela

Luis Miguel writes in Spanish from Caracas:

"I send some photographs of the trip in my CJ-3B from Teques to La Guaira (see a map of Venezuela). We started in Caracas and went to Los Teques by a dirt road. Then we headed up the River Road. At the end of the river it was difficult, and at this point we had to leave 3 of the cars, that couldn't go up (a Jeep Cherokee, Samurai and a Ford Explorer.) We arrived at Colonia Tovar and stayed there for the night. In the morning we travelled to Punto Masa (5 hours on a dirt road) where we had lunch. Then we passed through Punto Cruz, Chichirivichi, Oriaco, and La Guaira on the coast, and finished in Caracas again."

Click any of the photos for a larger copy (70K JPEG). See also a map of the area (200K JPEG) showing the rugged terrain.

Water obstacle

The river road.


Luis' 1960 CJ-3B.


Top-down weather.

Red 3B

CJ-3B seen along the way.


Track through the Avila Mountains.


How did they get under that?


Dual master brake cylinders.


On the beach.

"The trip is very interesting, but you must keep attention to the rocks, and the difficult hills. You cannot go fast, because the route is narrow. Thanks to Alvaro for his help and his special map." -- Luis Miguel

Luis just got his non-digital photos back from processing, and sent along two more pictures: in "La Bajada del Cochino" from Los Teques to La Colonia Tovar, heading down a 60-degree slope (80K JPEG), and going to La Colonia Tovar from Los Teques in the most difficult part of the trip (115K JPEG).

Thanks to Luis for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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