Found Behind the Sandwich Shop

Michael Hrischuk's 1962 CJ-3B


Many of us dream about running across an old Jeep in nice condition sitting in a back yard with a faded "For Sale" sign on it, or listed in a little classified ad in the newspaper. Then maybe we pick it up in a friendly deal for a good price. And maybe if we don't wake up from the dream too soon, the Jeep turns out to be a CJ-3B, and maybe it has a few unusual features as well.

Sandwich shopWell, here's the proof that we shouldn't stop dreaming -- it can still happen.

Michael Hrischuk says, "When I first looked at this Jeep in 2000 it was in the back of this sandwich shop on Main St. in Doylestown, PA, which used to be a Willys/Crosley dealership. It was actually an estate sale as the previous owners (husband and wife) had passed away. You can say though, I bought this Jeep from a former Willys dealer!"

Behind the shop"Here is the rear of the sandwich shop with the Jeep outside. I'm in the Jeep and the two people standing behind it are the seller (lady) and a friend. He's holding a dealership sticker. This was the first time the thing ran in four years."

This photo shows an unusual air scoop mounted on the outside air vent for the heater. Has anyone else run across a scoop like this?

Left sideMichael discovered that the Willys dealer wasn't the original seller -- he had taken this Jeep as a trade-in. He says, "The relatives didn't have any history on it. I found one oil change sticker with a New Hampshire address. But the Jeep is almost all original. It has a Husky overdrive, Koenig top (with working rear wiper), and a Fisher snow plow. 41,000 original miles."

See also the Jeep loaded on a trailer (65K JPEG).

The interior of this 1962 Jeep (serial number 57348 87676) is also in great shape, and offers an example of a number of nice details including the dual wiper motors, the new-style heater and defroster, and the new parking brake handle. (For more details on these options, see Dating a CJ-3B by Interior Details.) "Everything works, heater, wipers, lights, overdrive," says Michael.



Thanks to Mike for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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