Dilapidated No More

1961 CJ-3B, Dave Fedor, Alberta, Canada


FrontOne of the Jeeps from our 2008 Dilapidated CJ-3B Competition has undergone a remarkable transformation. Dave Fedor of Leduc County, Alberta (just south of Edmonton) wrote to say, "A few years ago I submitted my B for the Dilapidated CJ-3B Contest (entry #10, 'Sweet Sixteen'), and with the help of CJ3B.info and Bulletin Board (and a lot of work) it's finally on the road."

PickupThe rusted-out tub with a '61 serial number was a gift from a friend, and Dave brought it home in the '52 Willys truck which he has since sold. The frame was a write-off and his friend kept the axles.

Dave says, "When I got the B, I started with just a body. I was extremely lucky to find a complete frame and running gear for sale on the local Kijiji -- the owner was swapping his body onto a Chevy Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick frame. (He was asking $60, I gave him $80.)"

Dave and AvaBack in 2008 Dave had said, "Seeing how I'm not overly endowed with common sense, I'm going to rebuild it for my daughter to drive when she's 16. (She's currently 2 days old so I should have enuff time.)"

Well, he made it with 10 years to spare. He now says, "In the short time I've been driving it, it's been mostly used as a sunny day commuter car. It sure makes me happy to drive it to and from work, and my daughter is almost as excited as me to go for a ride."

WiringDave snapped this photo a few years ago of his daughter Ava giving him a hand with the wiring: "She's been helping me with it since she could walk. I'm not sure if she thought old Jeeps were supposed to move by themselves."

SeatsThe F-head engine is stock with the exception of a 12-volt alternator. The interior features a set of 60-40 seats out of a CJ-5, and a rear seat from a Willys wagon. The latest addition to the Jeep is a Warn overdrive, and Dave says it cruises happily at 45-55 MPH, even with the NDT's.

He adds, "Most parts were either swapped from friends, bought at the Red Deer swap meet (Alberta Antique Willys Association has a table there usually) or from The CJ3B Bulletin Board, or ordered from Walcks Four Wheel Drive when funds permitted."

Pickup Dave says, "Oldtime on the BB recently helped me diagnose a front-end shake as worn king pin bearings, so that's on the list for attention this winter. It still needs a few finishing details as well, but I plan on plugging away at them when funds and time permit. The paint is industrial enamel, and the color is one I matched up with a local scrap dealer's scrap bins (General Scrap) -- I figured it would save time if I couldn't get it fixed. :)"

Thanks to Dave for the photos. I like the color! -- Derek Redmond

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