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CJ-3ARich Malfa found this Willys-Overland postcard, one of several promoting special equipment available on the CJ-3A. The back of the postcard reads "Here's the efficient, economical way to take compressor, tools and operators wherever they are needed. The 4-wheel-drive traction of the Universal 'Jeep' provides dependable year-around transportation. Schramm 60 C.F.M. and 105 C.F.M. compressors are completely self-contained, powered by The 'Jeep'.

See also a postcard showing a welder, labelled Universal Jeep with G.E. Generator (30K JPEG) and a Universal Jeep with Snow Plow card (60K JPEG).

CJ-3BComparing the postcard above with this photo from the 1962 CJ-3B brochure convinces me that this CJ-3B is also equipped with an air compressor and tank. I had thought that this was maybe a foam fire extinguisher tank, with a foam nozzle resting on the tailgate. However, Jim Fairweather identifies the tool on the tailgate as a pneumatic tamper, which is seen in use in the next photo below.

The photo at left is also seen in a 2002 magazine advertisement for Jeep. (See CJ-3Bs in Magazine Ads.)

CJ-3BThis compressor photo is from the 1953 brochure Facts about the Universal Jeep for Off the Road Operation (140K JPEG). Although it shows less detail, it appears to be basically the same installation. The PTO-driven compressor fills the tank through the top line, and the hose reel is fed through the bottom line.

There is also a photo of a CJ-5 with compressor on page 77 of the Illustrated Buyer's Guide: Jeep by Jim Allen. These pictures don't really confirm whether the Jeep has the standard toolbox on the passenger side floor, or whether the toolbox is left out to provide more room for the tank. More information would be welcome. -- Derek Redmond

Thaks to Rich Malfa and Jim Fairweather, and Alden Jewell for the snowplow postcard. -- Derek Redmond

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