World's Biggest Tonka Jeep Collection?


Bob Keniston in New Mexico has assembled one of the world's largest collections of all types of toy Jeeps, with approximately 2000 toys filling a whole room of his house. Bob first started buying Jeep toys in the early 1990's, and he says he's been "collecting seriously since about 1998, when Shirley got us a 'puter, and I discovered the four-letter word -- eBay. I'd say my favorites are the Tonkas. Most of the Tonkas run between 15-65 bucks."

Bob has about 200 examples of the beloved Tonka Toy steel Jeeps manufactured in Minnesota from 1962 into the 1980's.

Tonka wall

One wall (above) displays a variety of Dispatchers, CJ-5s, Gladiators, Wagoneers and Jeepsters. See also a closer look at the some of the Jeepsters plus the complete BF Goodrich T/A Radials set (100K JPEG).

And there are some more Jeepsters (80K JPEG) on top of the cabinet that holds some of Bob's model kits. He says, "I guess my favorite Tonkas would be the Jeepsters. I've got my eye on a 1973 1:1 -- if the guy will sell it."

Bob says that he and his full-size CJ-5 "Jeep'nCreep'n" (160K JPEG) go 4-wheeling at Moab 6-8 times a year -- "plus Colorado, Arizona, and California (the Rubicon, at least once a year.) I started selling my extra toy Jeeps at the vendors' show at the Easter Jeep Safari 4 years ago. Didn't make a profit -- probably broke even -- but met a lot of new Jeep toy collectors."


This photo shows a lot of the Mini-Tonka flatfenders, and a bunch of the various toys made in even smaller scales by Tonka over the years.

On another shelf are some big Dune Buggies (80K JPEG) and some battery-powered CJ-5s (90K JPEG).

See also some Mini-Tonkas with trailers (90K JPEG).

Bob photographed his complete toy Jeep room a couple of years ago -- see a 1500x600 photo (200K JPEG). Most of the Tonkas were on the top shelves in the room before he rearranged things.

Thanks to Bob for the photos. Some of his Tonka CJ-5s are also on the Other Tonka Jeeps page. And see his Japanese friction-drive Mini-Tonka knockoffs, in Mini-Tonka does the Full-Size-Jeep on CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

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