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MBX Lifeguard Jeep
The Hot Wheels 1/64 "Surf Patrol Action Pack" lifeguard set was a short-lived new version of the old Corgi CJ-6, following Mattel's purchase of Corgi. It came with several lifeguard figures.

See a photo of the set with the packaging alongside a knockoff set made in China (40K JPEG).

Laguna Beach Lifeguards
I customized this matched set of Lifeguard Cherokee and CJ as a proposal for a set that could be produced by Matchbox or Majorette. They're based on vehicles used in Laguna Beach, California. For more details on the prototypes and the 1/60 models, see Laguna Beach Lifeguard Jeeps on CJ3B.info.

Matchbox 2005
Matchbox finally did it! Sort of. This "Surf Watch" version of their 1/58 Cherokee came as part of a 2005 set of Action Launchers (150K JPEG) which also included rescue vehicles for desert, snow and fire. The XJ is marked "Life Guard on Board."

And there was a Shark Patrol (40K JPEG) version of the Jeep Compass, in an Oceanic Expedition Action Launchers pack.

Matchbox followed up the Cherokee with a 1/64 "Beach Rescue" Wrangler in 2006. These two could have been the Laguna Beach set.

Since then lifeguards have become a staple for Matchbox. This Lifeguard Wrangler from 2012 was available in a "Surf Rescue" set (130K JPEG) with a Zodiak on a trailer.

In 2013 Matchbox did a nice version of their new '43 Jeep Willys casting. See the bubble pack (130K JPEG).

One of many variations of the 10-inch (25cm) Tonka flatfender Jeep was a Life Guard version produced in the late 1960s. The plastic life raft accessory is of course frequently missing from surviving examples.

Doug Gagnon has a Canadian-made Life Guard Jeep (80K JPEG) with the older 3-piece body construction, white windshield, and the new-style all-plastic warning light. An unusual purple Canadian version (30K JPEG) was seen in an online auction in early 2001.

Revell kit
This nice 1/25-scale Revell CJ-7 plastic kit dates from 1981.

This kitbashed 2003 Rubicon by Mark's Wheels is based on the Revell metal and plastic "Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jeep" kit. The decals are from a Lindberg "Baywatch" pickup truck kit.

Speaking of Baywatch, this Barbie-size plastic Jeep has stickers on the sides and hood that read "Baywatch Lifeguard." The reference to the popular TV show was apparently licensed by Mattel, but not the Jeep name, since the toy is called "Rescue Wheels" (see the box, 140K JPEG).

Beach Police
This "Beach Police" vehicle in blue or white is a spring-driven toy made in China, which has shown up in a variety of colors and configurations in recent years, labelled "SD Toys" on the base.

"Shore Patrol" was a 2008 version of the Maisto Rubicon TJ. See also its "Power Patrol" card (30K JPEG).

Surf Patrol
This plastic toy is labelled "Metro Police Surf Patrol."

This 1:25 diecast metal and plastic set was a late-2002 release in the Hard Body series from Tootsietoy. The "Bay Rescue" Jeep Liberty has tires that seem well suited for the sand. See also the packaging (40K JPEG). Photos by Jarek Skonieczny.

The late Mike Albright got us started on this page. -- Derek Redmond

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