Juice Jeeps

by Jarek Skonieczny

Here is a fun little project that anyone can do with their kids.

Start off with a "Tetra Pak" juice box and some household arts and crafts items. Acrylic craft paint works best as it will flex and not chip off.


Start by cutting out the doors (approximately the centre 1/3 portion of the length and 1/2 the depth) then cut across the top at the rear of the door openings. Fold the windshield up and trim to size. Cut along the back of the fender wells and fold up the back. Use the existing straw hole as a headlight and cut out a second to match. Cut holes near the floor for axles.


Wheels can be cut out of corrugated cardboard to give them some thickness. Two straws, trimmed not to extend past the wheels, will be needed per jeep.


Two coats of paint may be needed to stop the juice box text from showing through. The back portion can be the same height as the windshield if you want a top on the jeep, or trim it down to simulate a rear seat. I was after an army look for my Juice Jeep while my son Jacob wanted a Fire Jeep. Cut the star out of white paper or paint the hood text on like my son's "FD".


The Finished Product

Cardboard made a good top for the fire jeep, and popsicle sticks were used for ladders. A couple of army guys were recruited to the "red" side with a coat of acrylic. Hours of play with many cardboard box buildings saved by the miniature fire department make this a worthy family project.

The original instructions for this project (12K GIF) were published as part of a booklet by the Tetra Pak Corporation, manufacturers of the juice boxes.

Thanks to Jarek and Jacob for documenting a great project. -- Derek Redmond

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