Adapting a CJ-5 Rear Seat
For Use in a CJ-3B

by Dick Williams

As seen in Early CJ Rear Seats on CJ3B.info, the way rear seats are mounted in the CJ-5 and CJ-6 is different from those in the CJ-3B. Dick came up with a simple way of making the same seat work in either model. -- Derek Redmond

Top I have a 1968 CJ-5 and the original rear seat I ordered in 1968 when ordering my CJ-5 from Toledo, also fits my 1954 CJ-3B.

I modified the seat support frame so that it hangs from the top of the rear fender housings. Thus I have a rear seat that works in both CJ's when I need it to. This modification also allows for more storage under the seat.

Bottom With 1" sq. tube I made the frame go from side to side under the seat.

Note -- the seat has been re-upholstered twice!

Side I then put flat bar angle welded to the ends of the tubes and bent the top over to rest on the top of the fender housing. I drilled the rear angle and bolted the frame to the fender housing.

The original seat belts were bolted to the rear 1" cross tube under the seat.

2007 It has not been in either Jeep for a few years -- my kids are grown up and so are the grandkids. This is the only action photo I can find -- this was in Montana in 2007.

Back So if you could find a rear seat in a wrecking yard out of a CJ-5 or even a CJ-6 it will work in the 3B. It probably will not work with the CJ foot mounting though -- it will need modifying as described above.

Thanks to Dick for the photos and description. See also the history of Early CJ Rear Seats. -- Derek Redmond

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