Securing the Rear Curtain

1955 CJ-3B, Lawrence Wade, Decatur, Alabama


Rear viewCheck out both the clean lines of the open rear window, and the clean vinyl material, of Lawrence Wade's twenty-something year-old Bestop soft top. Keeping the fabric and the windows clean with frequent but gentle cleaning is obviously important, but another part of Lawrence's solution is dealing with that problem of what to do when you want the breeze.

Rolling up the rear curtain and securing it with the supplied straps causes scratching of the clear vinyl, and leaves it hanging in the top of the opening

Lawrence says, "Regardless of the temperature and time of year, I do not feel comfortable rolling up the rear curtain of my soft top, for either storing or just traveling."

Interior view"To eliminate this problem I placed four snaps in the front bow set. I just snap the bottom snaps of the rear curtain in place. This makes for a neat solution; I am sure other 3B owners have done the same."

SnapsWell, I bet a lot more are going to do it now.

If you want an excuse to go out to the garage at night, here's a 10-minute project that requires a drill and screwdriver and a dollar's worth of self-tapping screws and snaps from the hardware or fabric store. You might even have them left over from your soft top installation.

Thanks to Lawrence for sharing his idea. See Family Tradition for more photos of his 1955 CJ-3B. -- Derek Redmond

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