Parts Change Service Bulletins


The downloads (100-200K JPEGs) on this page are Willys Motors Service Bulletins, sent to Willys dealers in the early 1960s, relating to parts changes in the CJ-3B drivetrain.

New Ignition and Starter Switch and Lock Cylinder

Bulletin No.497; November 15, 1960

Change in 9-1/4" Clutch Option as Used on Four Cylinder Engines

Bulletin No. 509; March 17, 1961

Jeep Corp. photo

Front Wheel Hubs

Bulletin No. 588; September 25, 1962

Transmission Assembly Change

Bulletin No. 600; November 30, 1962

Axle Ratio

Bulletin No. 601; November 30, 1962

I'm grateful to the late Bruce Agan for sharing these Bulletins. -- Derek Redmond

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