Engine Service Bulletins


The downloads on this page are Willys Motors Service Bulletins, sent to Willys dealers in the early 1960s, relating to the F-head 134 engine. They come from the collection of the late Bruce Agan.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PCV parts

Bulletin No.508; February 22, 1961

Page 1 -- PCV now available as an option, soon to be standard.

Page 2 -- Installation instructions for L6-226 engine.

Page 3 -- L6-226 llustration.

Page 4 -- Installation instructions for F4-134 Hurricane.

Page 5 -- F4-134 illustration.

Page 6 -- Installation instructions for DJ-3A L-head engine.

Page 7 -- L-head illustration.

Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement

Head bolts

Bulletin No. 492; October 21, 1960

Page 1 -- Remove, clean, and install gasket.

Page 2 -- Fig.1 and Fig. 2. Install rocker arms.

Page 3 -- Check torque.

Valve Inspection and Repairs

Bulletin No. 541; October 13, 1961

Thanks to Bruce Agan for offering to share these Bulletins. -- Derek Redmond

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