1960 Tire Application Service Bulletin


The downloads (150K JPEGs) on this page are from Willys Motors Service Bulletin No. 485 dated July 26, 1960, from the collection of Bruce Agan.

"All of the current production tire options approved by Willys Motors are shown and described int his bulletin. With each tread is a table showing application by tire size and vehicle model. Usage is indicated by numbers which are also the recommended tire pressure for that application; the first number is for front, second for rear.

"Owners of vehicles equipped with high traction type tires should be advised that undue tread wear will result if tires are subjected to prolonged high speed highway driving. These special tires are designed mainly for the purpose of traction, and for ease of operation in snow, mud or off-the-road operation."

All Service
Page 1

SuburbaniteHi-MilerHi-Miler Xtra Grip
Page 2

Deluxe RibSand ServiceCustom Supercushion
Page 3

TrailmakerSuper All-Traction
Page 4

Mud and Snow H.D.
Page 5 including summary for all models and tires.

Page 6: discontinued tires.

Thanks to Bruce Agan. -- Derek Redmond

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