Ramsey Capstan Winch


SkiddingThese two pages from a 1959 looseleaf catalogue show details of the Ramsey C7R capstan winch, designed for front mounting on Universal Jeeps from CJ-2A to CJ-6 and the DJ-3A Jeep Dispatcher.

They also include basic specifications for the whole line of Ramsey winches suitable for front, rear and bed mounting in all Willys vehicles including station wagons, pickups and Forward Control trucks.

Page 11

C7R Diagram

Page 12

Winch Specs

Parts Sources

A post on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board read: "I have a 1961 CJ-5 with a Ramsey 8000-lb. PTO-driven winch and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get some parts to repair it -- I am in need of the bearings and seals for the PTO tail shaft that mounts to the transfer case."

Wes Knettle advised: "If you take the bearing and seals to a good bearing store they can fix you right up. Or if you can read the Timken number on the bearing and the TRW or whatever number on the seal, they can fix you up over the phone."

Dave said, "I have the same winch on my '63. You might want to try King Bearing in San Jose, CA."

Stephen Heape commented, "I have rebuilt a rear PTO gear box, two types of Ramsey PTO's, and a Ramsey winch. I had no problem finding the bearings and seals for any of them except for a couple of the bearings in a dual-shifter PTO drive unit (used when running a rear PTO gearbox and a winch). The oil seal on the winch input shaft can be obtained at any parts store. Ask for a CR (Chicago Rawhide) seal #7440. Advance Auto and NAPA carried it in my town. This same seal is used on the front and rear output shaft on a single-shifter PTO. It is also used on the front output shaft of the dual-shifter PTO.

"I can't help with the bearing numbers on the PTO drive unit because I don't have any of them apart. I do, however, have a winch apart. The input worm gear uses a SKF brand bearing. The number is 7304(F or R or 8 or just some symbol). The last number is hard to read but any parts guy should be able to figure this out. Be careful when pressing the worm gear out of the winch housing. It mates to a large brass gear on the main shaft for the cable drum. I think you have to allow the drum to turn while you press the worm gear out. Once the worm gear is out you can then remove the main shaft and brass gear out of the winch housing."

Thanks to Stephen and all the contributors. -- Derek Redmond

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