CJ-3B Fan Shroud

by Patrick Watters

As you know, most parts for our 3B's can be had if you have a computer and a credit card (see Willys Parts Source Links on CJ3B.info.) There are a few items however, that cannot be found with aftermarket sources. One of these is the fan shroud (Part No. 807512: "Shroud, radiator, assembly.") Mine was so trashed I could not use it. I got the idea that maybe I could make one and have it look OK. Don Norris sent me some photos and some very accurate dimensions of his, and I managed to make one.

I had never done any sheet metal work, before so I bought a cheap bending brake ($80) and used a 4" mini side grinder ($20) with a cutting blade to cut the sheet metal, and a drill press to drill the bolt and rivet holes. I got lucky and found a bunch of stainless steel sheet metal at a scrap yard for $25.

It is 4 separate pieces that are bolted and riveted together. It is not an exact replica but it's pretty close.

This is not quite the finished product. I still need to clean up some of the metal surfaces and such.

This is Don's photo showing an original shroud attached to the radiator and front radiator guard (grille).

Don also took this shot showing the underside of the shroud.

The larger copy of this drawing includes the dimensions of the bottom and top, and the front view.

This drawing has the dimensions of the left and right side pieces.

Don also took a photo of the inside view.

I started with a cardboard model to work out the details before I went on to the metal.

The end result was better than I expected and I wanted to share my experience with other do-it-yourselfers. I'm sure they too could make nice-looking replacement fan shrouds with minimal experience and tools. -- Patrick Watters

Thanks to Patrick for reporting on the project, and Don for documenting the orignal radiator shroud.. -- Derek Redmond

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