Front Turn Signal Sockets
for an Early CJ-3B

by Don Norris
I wanted to add turn signals to my 1953 CJ-3B, and use the original parking light fixtures. I found replacement double contact sockets made for GM at my local auto parts store. They were less than $5.00. Part number 85807, CONDUCT-TITE sold by Dorman products. By cutting off the back part of the original turn signal fixture, I was able to install the new socket. I then MIG welded the socket to the fixture in a few spots to help hold it together and provide a good ground connection.

Cut here.

A little filing to fit.

One parking light fixture already cut.

Plug the socket into the fixture.

A few spot welds for grounding and mounting.

Complete dual element parking and turn signal light fixture.

Thanks to Don for a neat upgrade idea. -- Derek Redmond

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