Oil Filters for the CJ-3B

Filter Cartridge

Wade 1955 CJ-3BWith the standard Fram canister type filter, you can use a Wix 51010 or NAPA 1010. 1980's Mercedes-Benz diesels used the same filter -- this may help in finding a filter. The corresponding Fram is C-3P (note the reminder on Lawrence Wade's 1955 original filter cannister, right.) All these filter cartidges are available.

Wes Knettle advised on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board: "Unless you have a filter housing with the placards on it that ID it and give you the correct element number, you should compare these measurements from NAPA to your old filter and gasket:

Item#: FIL1100 Fram C3 & C3P (Close to C21 & C21P)
Price: $ 9.49
Style: Metal Cannister Lube Cartridge
Filter Gasket I.D. (Inches): 4.375 Gasket
I.D. (mm): 111.13mm Gasket O.D. (Inches): 5.125 Gasket O.D. (mm): 130.18mm
Gasket Thickness (Inches): 0.07 Gasket Thickness (mm): 1.78mm
Height (Inches): 5 Height (mm): 127mm
I.D. (Inches): 0.553 I.D. (mm): 14.05mm O.D. (Inches): 4.531 O.D. (mm): 115.09mm

Filter Canister

How do you identify the correct oil filter cannister, brackets and decals for the CJ-3B, and how do they differ from the oil filters used on the CJ-2A and 3A?

First of all, Bart McNeil mentions that "Since the bracket on the L-134 engine attaches to the head bolts, and the head bolts in the F-134 in the CJ-3B are located differently, the bracket has to be different. Also the filter on the F-134 is located about 3(?) inches in front of the position of the filter on a L-134."

Curtis Weddle describes the connections: "If you have a CJ-3B or CJ-5 with an inline 4-cylinder OHV engine, the F-134, then the oil filter inlet line will run from the 1/8" NPT threaded port on the side of the crankcase opposite the alternator/generator, near the front of the engine, to another 1/8" NPT port on the top of the oil filter. The oil filter outlet line runs from a fitting on the bottom of the oil filter to a flared line fitting on the side of the timing gear cover near the top on the alternator/generator side of the engine. I believe that the flat-head L-134 on earlier CJ's was similarly configured."

Early CJ-2A Fram
Fram filter for an early CJ-2A -- the wing nut does not appear on later versions.
CJ-3B Fram
Original Fram filter on 1959 CJ-3B. See a closer photo (60K JPEG).

Oil filter in the 1956 Parts ListApparently both Fram and Purolator filters were used on the CJ-2A and CJ-3A, according to the 1949 CJ-2A/3A Parts List (15K JPEG). The 1956 CJ-3B Parts List (right) shows only what appears to be a Fram filter.

Note that when a hydraulic pump (70K JPEG) was installed on the right side of the F-head engine (typically for snowplow operation,) the oil filter was removed or relocated to a bracket on the left fender (70K JPEG). Jeff Soule took a photo of the bracket (20K JPEG) which was often used. It may have been part of some hydraulic pump kits.


DecalsRus Curtis tracked down the correct set of decals, available from some Willys parts dealers including Willys-Overland in Toledo, and Walck's in PA. "I've been trying to nail down what type of decals were correct on my '54 CJ-3B. I've seen Lawrence Wade's '55 up close (100K JPEG) but he has some fading to the point it's difficult to tell color and printing. Steve Chabot sent me a much-appreciated detail picture of his filter (60K JPEG), from which I could accurately determine the decal printing."

See CJ-3B Parts Sources for links to dealers who may carry the decals. See also a colour sample of Fram orange (4K GIF).

Disposable filter

Disposable Filter

There was also an optional disposable oil filter available on the F-head engine. Todd Paisley says: "If anyone has a '60s CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-5A, CJ-6, CJ-6A, DJ-5 or DJ-6 with an F-134 engine with the throw-away oil filter option, here is what the original oil filter looked like." Thanks to Todd for the photo.

Thanks also to Rus Curtis, Tom Edwards and Steve Chabot. Further information welcome. -- Derek Redmond

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