More Legroom: Moving a Jeep Seat

by Ed Wilson

1954 CJ-3BDue to a disabling back problem and my size, I decided to move the driver's seat back about four inches in order to enjoy my 1954 3B again.

Fender wellThe first issue was the rear wheel well which was recessed as shown. We used the existing front of the wheel well to complete this.

Drivers seat leftThe front seat frame arms have to be lengthened.

Drivers seat rightOr the inboard arm can be bent as we did.

To complete the accommodations for my needs, I added aftermarket side steps and I now remove the steering wheel to enter or exit, as suggested by Copperswilly when he picked up his part I sold him.

I can enjoy the Jeep again!

Thanks to Ed for the photos of his project. See more on Ed's Jeep in No Spring Chicken on CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

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