Re-Covering Jeep Seats

by Joel Kamunen

Here are some pictures of my seat re-covering project on my 1954 CJ-3B, Old and Gray (80K JPEG). I think the photos may cool some of the anxiety restorers might have about doing seat upholstery themselves.

Starting pointThis is the original seat that I started with, in pretty good condition.

(For more details on types of CJ-3B Seats, see Take a Seat, Please.)

Cushion removalThe bottom cushion is removed by unscrewing the bolts on the bottom of the frame. The back cushion is removed by unscrewing the screws which fasten to the seat frame.

Seat frame

This is the exposed seat frame.

SpringsThis shows the original seat springs and bottom pan.

New materialsI purchased the seat covers and new foam from Beachwood Canvas Works -- about $200 for the two front seats.

Finished product

The frames and pans were sandblasted and painted. I assembled the cushions and covers and let them sit overnight before fastening the covers with new screws. The bottom pans have delicate tabs and a drawstring to fasten them.

The seats are firm and look very nice, and I can say I did it myself.

Thanks to Joel Kamunen for these photos of his project. -- Derek Redmond

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