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In 2007, the late Bruce Agan and I first started discussing how to post a listing of interchangeable parts for Willys Jeeps. He then clipped and scanned the relevant sections from some old Hollander Interchange Manuals, and I started the process of preparing the files for online use. However, I didn't find the time to complete that process, and in the meantime Bruce uploaded the full-size scans to make them available for download from his Jeep Surrey website. As of 2017, I have compressed the files for all parts categories, and posted an index here. The information is courtesy of Hollander Interchange, who since 1939 have been publishing parts reference manuals for auto recycling.

Clicking on each category will take you to a file (100-300K GIF) showing suitable donor parts from all makes and models, for most Jeeps from the late 1950s to the early 1970's. For the CJ-3B and other Willys 4-cylinder models, there are often no parts options from non-Jeep vehicles, but you will see suitable Willys and Kaiser Jeep donors. For later Jeeps, there are often suitable non-Jeep replacements.



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Thanks to Hollander and the late Bruce Agan. -- Derek Redmond

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