Delco-Remy Electrical Parts

Service Manual correction for 1959-60 Jeeps

by Ken Bushdiecker

Delco RemyAs we know the commonly used major electrical components on Universal Jeeps were of Auto-Lite manufacture. The Delco-Remy electrical components are rare units that were a secondary substitute standard. As I will show, these were likely only used in 1959-1960. The D-R substitute is not substandard but a replacement for the common standard.

How do we know that D-R equipped Jeeps ever became standard? The first reference to D-R usage is found in the Universal Parts List dated 6/1959. The second reference is the Universal Service Manual dated 1960. The most important reference is the Jeep Vehicles Service Standards, Form SM-1006 dated 1960. Here we find the initial reference to the A-L electrical components. In this 1960 booklet there is also listed a second reference to the D-R units. The D-R units no longer show up in the 1961 or 1962 Service Standards. I have no earlier Service Standards to reference.

In the Universal Service Manual SM-1037 dated 1968 we find proof that Auto-Lite was always the primary standard and not secondary, and also a suggestion that Delco-Remy parts were used in 1954:


Note: Although Auto-Lite equipment is standard on the Hurricane F4 engine, at the start of 1954 production a few vehicles were equipped with Delco-Remy distributors and starting motors. However if replacement of a Delco-Remy unit becomes necessary; the unit should be replaced with a like Delco-Remy unit and not an Auto-Lite unit. See paragraph I-131.


With the exception of the generator and voltage regulator, Auto-Lite and Delco-Remy electrical components may be intermixed on a particular vehicle as an approved production practice. No attempt should be made to convert to a complete Auto-Lite or Delco-Remy system.Auto-Lite components should be replaced by Auto-Lite components and Delco-Remy conponents should be replaced by Delco-Remy components insofar as availability of replacement components will allow. In those cases however, where a component is being replaced with one produced by the other manufacturer, the following points should be noted.

A) GENERATOR : If an Auto-Lite generator is being installed in place of a Delco-Remy generator; in addition to replacing the voltage regulator (see caution below) a different support bracket will have to be installed. It is not practical to change from an Auto-Lite to a Delco-Remy generator as a different engine front plate is required.

CAUTION: Do not intermix an Auto-Lite and Delco-Remy generator and voltage regulator. Generator and regulator must be either both Auto-Lite or both Delco-Remy components.

From SM-1002-R5B) VOLTAGE REGULATOR: When an Auto-Lite voltage regulator is installed as a replacement for a Delco-Remy regulator, in addition to replacing the generator (see caution above) the adapter plate with the Delco-Remy installation is discarded. As the terminals (BAT, FLD etc.) are in a different location on the Auto-Lite regulator as opposed to the Delco-Remy regulator; identify the wires as they are removed so they may be reinstalled on the proper terminals for the new regulator.

C) DISTRIBUTOR: No special instructions are required for interchanging Auto-Lite and Delco-Remy distributors on these models.

D) STARTING MOTORS: No special instructions are required for interchanging Auto-Lite and Delco-Remy starting motors.

Part Numbers

Below is a list of the major Delco-Remy substitute standard parts for CJ applications.


W/O # 922166 Plate engine front assembly (for Delco-Remy)


W/O # 922832 Generator assembly (6 volt) Delco-Remy # 1102811
W/O # 922833 Generator assembly (12 volt) Delco-Remy # 1102096
W/O # 922484 Pulley, drive (for Delco-Remy)
W/O # 922255 Support, generator assembly (for Delco-Remy)

Distributor 1112432


W/O # 922487 Motor, starting assembly (6 volt key start) Delco-Remy # 1108077
W/O # 922488 Motor, starting assembly (12 volt key start) Delco-Remy # 1107746

Distributor 1112432GROUP 15-03 DISTRIBUTOR

W/O # 922507 Distributor, ignition assembly Delco-Remy # 1112432

(Note: the above photo shows the manufacturer's plate, mounted on the side facing the engine block, reflected in a mirror -- thus the photo is reversed to make it readable.)

Serviceable components used with above distributor:

W/O # 719913 Cap, distributor
W/O # 717920 Condensor
W/O # 922510 Contact set
W/O # 717427 Rotor


W/O # 922485 Regulator, voltage assembly (6 volt) Delco-Remy # 1972063
W/O # 922486 Regulator, voltage assembly (12 volt) Delco-Remy # 1972029

GROUP 15-07

W/O # 922168 Harness, wiring generator to voltage regulator (for Delco-Remy)


Cap 811735Delco-Remy components were apparently used during 1959-60, not during 1954. In paragraph I-3; the reference to 1954 D-R distributors and starters appears to be an error. As you can see from the above list almost all D-R parts had the 922xxx prefix. This prefix was never used until sometime after 1955.

In addition to the few 922xxx numbers I have listed above, there are many more 922xxx numbers in use for individual components of the complete assemblies listed.

These 922xxx numbers are also found in reference to other models of Jeeps, some equipped with the Super Hurricane 226. So what I am saying is that during this period from 1959 through 1960 Willys Motors did install D-R units on a few or virtually all of their models of vehicles. Why? One can only speculate without solid evidence.

As previously mentioned these 922xxx numbers were nearly but not always used in association with D-R parts. I did also find at least two other seemingly experimental A-L components that use this same 922xxx prefix. -- Ken Bushdiecker

1959-60 Tuneup Parts

The distributor cap used on the Delco-Remy distributor (#1112432) is D-R part #811735 (or D-300) as seen above.

A Delco-Remy Tune Up Parts Catalog 1922-74 posted by Collectors Auto Supply on the west coast also shows the following listings for the rotor, condenser and contact points for 1959-60 four-cylinder Jeeps. -- Derek Redmond


Thanks to Ken "oldtime" Bushdiecker for his research. -- Derek Redmond

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